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York Chapel Wedding

Photo courtesy Divinity School Archives
March 23, 1944: Joseph Russell Andrews D'44 and Frances Elizabeth Babb, RN, BSN'41
marry in York Chapel.

“Our families could not attend our wedding due to wartime restrictions. Dean Garber and his wife held a rehearsal reception at their home Sunday evening.

The service was Monday at 10 a.m. Divinity classes were suspended for the hour of our wedding, and some of the students came. Mary Inez “Brookie” Brooke RN, BSN’41 served as maid of honor and Clark W. Benson D’43 as best man.

Dr. James Cannon III, dean from 1950-58, handed out rice after the ceremony for our send-off.

It was a beautiful day in March, 65 years ago, and a treasured memory. Thank you for causing me to relive the memories.

— Letter from Frances B. Andrews, whose husband died in January at the age of 88. (See Deaths)

Photo courtesy Divinity School Archives

The York Room, formerly known as York Chapel, has been furnished for use as a library reading room, meeting room, lecture room, and reception hall. Although it served as a reading room during the early 1970s, it was primarily used for worship after Gray Building opened as the School of Religion in 1930. In fact, York was used for university worship until Duke Chapel opened in 1932.

Completion of the Divinity addition in 2005 provided a new and larger worship space in Goodson Chapel and freed York for new uses.

During library hours, the York Room will serve as a library reading room unless otherwise reserved. The York Room has wireless internet access and electrical power to serve readers sitting at tables, as well as comfortable seating.