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The People’s Bible Commentary

By Jo Bailey Wells, Associate Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry and Bible, Director of Anglican Studies
Concordia Publishing: 2006
Paper; 256 pages

Cited in the New Testament more than any other book, “Isaiah” encapsulates prophecies of judgment, restoration, deliverance, comfort, Messianic themes, and also narrative episodes. Regarded as a ‘fifth Gospel’ by some, it speaks of the promised Messiah and the death of the Suffering Servant. As relevant today as it was two-and-a-half millennia ago, Jo Bailey Wells presents “Isaiah” as a testimony to God’s enduring faithfulness to his wayward people—a powerful combination of warning and hope. Each “PBC” volume divides the Bible text into sections that are covered in a series of two page reflections, with concluding prayer or point for reflection.

Anatomy of the New Testament
6th Ed.

By D. Moody Smith Jr., G.W. Ivey Professor Emeritus of New Testament Duke University, Divinity School;
Clifton Black, Princeton Theological Seminary; & Robert A. Spivey, Florida State University
Prentice Hall: 2006
Paper; 528 pages

The sixth edition of Anatomy of the New Testament, which Smith co-authored with Robert A. Spivey and C. Clifton Black, was published Sept. 1. This introduction to New Testament studies was first published in 1969 and has been in print continuously.

God’s Companions:
Reimagining Christian Ethics

By Samuel Wells, Dean, Duke Chapel and Research Professor of Christian Ethics
Blackwell: 2006
Paper, 256 pages

Part of the Blackwell Challenges in Contemporary Theology series, God’s Companions is grounded in Wells’ extensive experience of parish ministry in poorer neighborhoods in England and makes a bold claim for the centrality of the local church in theological reflection. Wells synthesizes dogmatic, liturgical, ethical, practical, scriptural, and pastoral approaches to theology. He engages with serious scholarly material, but also lays out the issues clearly for a student audience.

“God’s Companions is an excellent exemplification of seeing the liturgy as the primary source of Christian action in the world.” — William T. Cavanaugh, University of St. Thomas

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