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In the Lutheran Tradition?

Lutherans have earned a reputation among non- Lutherans for being willing to drop all other entertainments in order to argue with each other over fine points of theology. It will therefore be regarded as a huge disappointment if Lutherans, of all people, fail to engage the issue of gay ordination with the intellectual rigor it deserves. After all, there is no scarcity of theological arguments, deeply rooted in the Lutheran tradition, to which both sides can appeal.

David Steinmetz, Amos Ragan Kearns professor of the history of Christianity, commenting on debate in the Lutheran church over issues related to homosexuality in an op-ed in the Aug. 7, 2005, issue of The Orlando Sentinel

Grahamís Gifts

Heís not just brought the crowds to the Gospel, heís helped assimilate those people to be a part of local church communities.

Laceye Warner, assistant professor of the practice of evangelism and Methodist studies, quoted in a story about the Rev. Billy Grahamís ministry, in the June 23, 2005, issue of The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J.

Theater as Church

The challenge for worship today is distinguishing it from entertainment or a spectator event. It is made more difficult when surrounded by the symbols and signs of the entertainment world.

Bishop Kenneth Carder, director of Dukeís Center for Excellence in Ministry, quoted in a story about the use of movie theaters as churches, in the July 24, 2005, issue of The Baltimore Sun.


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