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Photos: Duke Divinity School Archives

Left: York Chapel, around 1970, served as a reading room for the Divinity Library. Above: Professor of New Testament Harvie Branscomb in an early faculty portrait.

“Let me remind you that no matter how rapidly you may be advancing in church or state, the faculty still regard you as students. We have the belief—I hope I should not use the word ‘delusion’—that you are still pursuing the same studies that you did while here, only with more success. To this end, do not forget that the books of the Library are still yours to use except, of course, those on reserve or in the Treasure room. You can always . . . [come] back and get the books directly from the shelves.”

Harvie Branscomb
Professor of New Testament


Excerpted from “What’s Been Happening in the Library?” in the inaugural issue of the alumni publication The Duke School of Religion Bulletin, Volume I, Number 1, February 1936. Dr. Branscomb encouraged alumni to join the new Duke University Friends of the Library.

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