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Duke Divinity Center for Continuing Education

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July 3-29

Summer Course of Study

July 10-23

Duke Youth Academy for Christian Formation

During two weeks on the campus of Duke University, high school students explore, practice and reflect using baptismal theology as the lens for understanding their experience in the church.

August 15-17

Myrtle Beach, S.C.

“Recovering the ‘S’Word! A Sabbath Retreat”

Myrtle Beach, SC An Albemarle, Northeast and North Wilkesboro District Event
JANICE VIRTUE, Duke Divinity School
PAMELA C. HAWKINS, Duke Divinity School

September 15-16 Probationer's Seminar
A seminar to help United Methodist probationary members prepare for deacons’ and elders’ orders.

September 26-30 Study Leave for Ministry Professionals

Ministry professionals, lay or ordained, are invited to Duke Divinity School to spend a week with the community in self-directed study, worship and conversation with faculty. Choose among three weeks: Feb. 14-18, March 28-April 1, or April 18-22

October 3-4

Gardner C. Taylor Lectures

Dr. KWAMKE BEDIAKO, Director, Akrofi-Christaller Memorial Centre, Ghana

October 3-7

Study Leave for Ministry Professionals


October 9-11

A New Creation: Building a Ministry of Reconciliation
2005 Convocation & Pastors’ School
Duke Divinity School’s annual event featuring invited lecturers, continuing education seminars, and worship in Duke Chapel.
ELLEN DAVIS, Duke Divinity School
WILLIE J. JENNINGS, Duke Divinity School
L. GREGORY JONES, Duke Divinity School
EMMANUEL KATONGOLE, Duke Divinity School
CHRIS RICE, Duke Divinity School
SAMUEL WELLS, Dean of Duke Chapel

October 24-28

Study Leave for Ministry Professionals


November 7-11

Study Leave for Ministry Professionals


February 15-16 Kenneth W. Clark Lectures in New Testament

VICTOR PAUL FURNISH, professor emeritus, Perkins School of Theology :: (888) 845-4216


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