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The Da Vinci Code: Novel Puts Early Church in the Spotlight
by Jonathan Goldstein

Despite playing fast and loose with the facts, Dan Brown’s novel about the early church, The Da Vinci Code, has become a mega-success. Duke faculty and alumni explore the social, political and church environment behind the thriller’s popularity.

Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of the Christ burst onto theater screens this spring and renewed emotion-filled debates over depictions of the crucifixion.

Preaching the Gospel of Health
by Bob Wells
A profile of the Rev. William Lee D'78, who has helped his congregation in Roanoke, Va., build a model health ministry that's transforming lives.

by Peter Storey
As a white South African and one of the leaders of that country’s efforts to end apartheid, Peter Storey understands the dangers inherent in empires.

by Reed Criswell
Professor of Biblical Interpretation James Michael “Mickey” Efird , who came to Duke as a doctoral student in 1958, has become a legendary teacher both inside and outside the academy.

by David & Jamalyn Williamson
David and Jamalyn Williamson D’03 describe their mission experience and Easter in Haiti.

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