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February 6

Learning for LifeFaith Fiction: A Festival of Carolina Authors
A Center for Theological Writing Conference
CLYDE EDGERTON, author of Walking Across Egypt
RANDALL KENAN, author of Let the Dead Bury Their Dead
HAVEN KIMMELL, author of A Girl Named Zippy
ROBERT MORGAN, author of Gap Creek

February 10 Ruth W. & A. Morris Williams Professor of Christian Ministry Inaugural Lecture
PETER J. STOREY, Duke Divinity School

February 11-13
Atlantic Beach, N.C.
Proclamation in the Hard Places
A seminar with the Durham and Elizabeth City districts, United Methodist Church.
JANICE A. VIRTUE, Duke Divinity School

February 16-18
Atlantic Beach, N.C.
The Passion Narratives
A seminar with the Goldsboro and New Bern districts, United Methodist Church.
J. “MICKEY” EFIRD, Duke Divinity School

February 19, 26,
March 4,11

Resurrection UMC
Seeing and Perceiving: A Close Reading of Genesis 18-22
Lay Academy of Religion
STEVEN SAGER, Duke Divinity School

March 15-17
Litchfield Beach, S.C.
Preaching Costly Discipleship
A seminar with the Sanford and Rockingham districts of the United Methodist Church.
PETER J. STOREY, Duke Divinity School

March 17-18 Kenneth Willis Clark Lectures in New Testament
A distinguished lectureship delivered by leaders in New Testament studies.
MARIANNE MEYE THOMPSON, Fuller Theological Seminary

March 22-23 Spiritual Writing: A Lecture & Workshop
A Center for Theological Writing event
LAUREN WINNER, author of Girl Meets God

March 26-28
Myrtle Beach, S.C.
A Seminar with the Greensboro and Statesville districts of the United Methodist Church.
GASTON WARNER, Duke Divinity School
LACEYE WARNER, Duke Divinity School

March 30

Martin Luther King, Jr. Lectures
SUZAN JOHNSON COOK, Bronx Christian Fellowship

April 23-24 Duke Laity Weekend
A weekend for laity of all communions to engage in study with leading Divinity School scholars.
L. GREGORY JONES, Duke Divinity School

April 23-25
Atlantic Beach, N.C.
Worshipping Well: Beyond the Style Debates
A seminar with the Salisbury and Lexington districts, United Methodist Church.
FRED EDIE, Duke Divinity School

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