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Unique Model for End of Life Care

When you look around the United States, there is not another institute of an interdisciplinary nature that goes beyond one narrow way of looking at care at the end of life. This interschool program housed in an academy like Duke University presents a great opportunity, and this is something that I hope will be imitated. It needs to be duplicated in other settings, because we need to do a much better job of training people like clergy and social workers and nurses to be advocates for people who are dying and their families.

Hugh Westbrook D’70, who with his wife Carole Shields Westbrook, gave $3 million for the Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life

Sex Roils the Churches

Christians … are certainly out of step with a post-Christian society that regards sexual activity as light recreation for consenting adults. But Christians argue about sex because it is for them an important theological matter.

David C. Steinmetz, Amos Ragan Kearns professor of church history, in his op-ed “Sex Roils the Churches: Episcopal Ordination, Bad Reverberations” Dec. 4, 2003, News & Observer, Raleigh, N.C.

Divine Nous

From The Divine Nous, Duke Divinity School’s new student paper, Nov. 2, 2003, which replaced The Between Times.

‘According to Augustine, in other words, we have fallen and we can’t get up.’

Warren Smith, assistant professor of historical theology

Dr. Ellen Davis said it best in an Old Testament lecture on Exodus: ‘You don’t know how to work for God if you don’t know how to rest with God.’ Let’s start implementing an essential discipline for effective ministry—the discipline of rest.

Jennifer Brown D’05 from “It’s a Sleep Thing”

Protestants sing like God is half-deaf and way up in the clouds. I was in [York] Chapel . . . and the organist stopped playing, and you all kept singing, in tempo, on key, and in four-part harmony! It’s like I’ve stepped into an alternate universe with a much better soundtrack—there’s this joyful praising of God in song by the whole congregation—exactly what I always imagined church singing ought to be like.

Laura Petelle D’05, self-described “good Irish Catholic girl with harsh Chicago a-vowels” in her column, “On the Charisms of Protestants”

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