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Wedded to the Future: Clergy Couples Provide a New Paradigm for Leadership
by Reed Criswell & Elisabeth Stagg

Although obstacles for clergy couples persist, these pastors are making their dual careers work—and challenging the church to help.

Living Within Creation
by Jonathan Goldstein
The Duke Endowment-sponsored conference Holy & Beautiful: Greening Sacred Spaces brings together those who want to follow the Gospel’s call to honor the Earth.

by Patrick O'Neill
A profile of the Rev. Seth O. Lartey D’90, whose urban ministry is helping bring back a downtown neighborhood in Winston-Salem, N.C.

by Bob Wells
Until recently, little attention has been paid to the role of religion in the U.S. Civil War. But a new and growing body of scholarship is finding that religion, for both good and ill, was at the heart of the Civil War experience.

by Bob Wells
With her winning entry in the annual Duke Chapel hymn-writing contest, M.Div. student Lisa Schubert learned not only about music, but also about church.

by Jonathan Goldstein
A lifelong advocate for the poor, Alisa Lasater D’04 reluctantly began her internship last summer in a wealthy New England congregation. Her experiences changed her in ways she never imagined.

by Anna MacDonald & Elisabeth Stagg
UNC undergraduate Anna MacDonald, who was among the very first group of Duke Youth Academy students, offered to come back in the summer of 2003 as a residential advisor. She found much that had changed—and remained—during her absence.

Duke Divinity School’s partnership with John Wesley College and the Methodist Church of South Africa continues to reveal blessings for all involved.


Prompted by the growing presence of Hispanics in the United States and North Carolina, Duke divinity students have launched a new organization to promote Hispanic voices in the divinity school community.


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