The Center for Theological Writing helps students in the Divinity School write theology well. We offer tutoring services and organize events to promote the role of writing within the church and the academy.

Writing is a central part of ministry, and words are fundamental for conveying our beliefs. Writing allows us to discern and clarify our ideas and to transmit them to others. At the Center for Theological Writing, we hope to strengthen theological interpretation, teaching, preaching, and communication.

Using the Center

Appointments at the Writing Center are now made online through Sakai.

The Writing Center is located in the lower level of the Westbrook building, rooms 0021, 0035, and 0037.


Director of the Center for Theological Writing

Judith Heyhoe has taught writing for nearly twenty years. She taught for five years in the Freshman Writing Program at the University of Notre Dame and then worked as a high school teacher of English for Chicago Public Schools. She began her career as a journalist for a British newspaper and has done freelance work as an editor in Chicago. In addition to her duties as director of the writing center, she is editor to the faculty of Duke Divinity School.

Assistant Director of Academic Support

Fatimah Salleh is responsible for leading the academic support staff and providing innovative programs and services that support student success. She is also responsible for staff development, coordination, and implementation of academic support programs, program assessment, and evaluation.


Aaron Ebert received his Master of Theological Studies from Duke Divinity in 2017. His chief academic interests are in early Christianity, especially the Christian reception of pagan thought, theological interpretation of scripture, divinization soteriology, and the thought of Augustine. He is also always up for a conversation about Karl Barth, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and good (or bad!) academic writing.

Meghan Florian received her Master of Theological Studies from Duke Divinity School in 2009 and Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Queens University of Charlotte in 2014. Her research interests include theology, literature, and gender studies. She currently serves as the communications coordinator for the Resource Center for Women & Ministry in the South, a nonprofit organization in Durham, N.C., and is the author of The Middle of Things, a book of essays that explores issues ranging from feminism to theology.

Josey Snyder received her Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from Emory University in 2016. Her research focuses on the reception of biblical materials in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic interpretation. She has precepted Old Testament at Duke Divinity, and has experience teaching courses in Hebrew and Old Testament.

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