Director of Christian Education
Saint Giles Presbyterian Church

Saint Giles Presbyterian Church is seeking a Full Time Director of Christian Education to develop, administer, oversee and participate in an intentional, well-planned and integrated Christian Education Program. This program will offer high quality learning experiences that will help all ages grow in faith and understanding of scripture and life as disciples of Jesus Christ. Knowing that Christian learning happens best with community, where supportive, caring relationships nurture faith development and growth, the Director of Christian Education will coordinate with multiple leaders and ministry teams that work together to serve the Saint Giles community.

Saint Giles is striving for a team-based model of ministry in which leaders embody the best practices of shared-leadership, balanced living, consensus building and Sabbath-keeping in ways that invite others to practice Christian Living in a safe, nurturing Christian environment.

Areas of Leadership include (but are not limited to):

- Sunday morning educational opportunities for children, youth and adults
- Sunday evening youth group (including youth retreats, lock-ins, summer trips/conferences and special activities and fundraisers)
- Sunday worship (9:00 and 11:00; leadership in worship to be negotiated)
- Nursery care (primarily Sunday morning)
- Other educational opportunities for children, youth and adults (Vacation Bible School, Confirmation, midweek programs, Bible Studies, Presbyterian Women, etc.)
- Children, Family and All-age (Intergenerational) Mission activities – this will involve interaction between the Education and Nurture Division and the Outreach Division.
- Supervisory Responsibilities for paid Nursery Workers and the part-time Youth Program Director


With the support and assistance of the Education and Nurture Division (elders and team members) volunteers and the Pastor, the general responsibilities of the Director of Christian Education include:

- Recruit, equip, support, train and provide resources to Christian Education leaders and teachers. This includes initiating leadership development opportunities, anticipating challenges, resolving conflict, solving problems, responding to needs, being available to members of the congregation and encouraging creativity, imagination and vision. Implement a model to continually evaluate curriculum and programming. Work with church leaders and staff to strengthen existing programs, initiate and develop new (innovative) programs and appropriately celebrate/retire programming that has served its purpose.
- Initiate the scheduling, planning and implementation of extra opportunities as part of the Saint Giles Christian Education Program (all-age classes/events, Kickoff Sunday, Advent and Lent programs, Sunday worship leadership opportunities for children and youth, coordination with local campus ministries and education-related volunteer-appreciation).
- Occasionally attend off-campus activities in which our children and youth participate.
- Provide support and care for children, youth and families in the planned and unexpected events of life.
- Encourage and provide resources to support at-home spiritual nurture and faith development.
- As needed, work with the Congregational Life Ministry Team to develop and strengthen “House Church” program and other small group studies by providing coaching regarding program possibilities, curriculum and resources.
- Be active in areas of professional development by engaging with other DCEs and church professionals and be actively involved in the life of the Presbytery in the areas of Christian Education or Youth.
- Work with the Administrative Assistant to ensure proactive communicate re: educational events and opportunities for children, youth and adults – utilizing existing publications, social media and new avenues of communication.
- Ensure close communication with the Education and Nurture Division and church staff.
- Attend:
o    Sunday School
o    Worship (9 & 11 during the academic-year)
o    Youth Activities (in coordination with the Youth Program Director)
o    Monthly Session meetings, as requested or required.
o    Monthly Children’s, Youth and Adult Ministry Teams or others as needed.


The Director of Christian Education is accountable to the Session and works under the supervision of the Pastor/Head of Staff. Annual reviews will be conducted by the Pastor/Head of Staff, members of the Personnel Team and elders on the teams with which the Director of Christian Education ordinarily serves.


The Director of Christian Education must be:

- Able to provide 3 references
- Willing to submit to a background check and drug-screening
- Willing and able to comply with all Saint Giles Presbyterian Church policies, including the Saint Giles Safe Sanctuary Covenant and Policy and the Personnel Policy

The ideal Director of Christian Education will:

- Have an undergraduate degree; a degree in Christian Education is preferred
- Have experience as a Christian Educator (preferred)
- Have experience leading, and serving with, a team of staff and volunteers
- Demonstrate (through references and interactions) the ability to successfully engage, and relate to, children, youth and adults
- Be excited about joining a small staff-team in which relationship-development, shared responsibility and mutual accountability are honored and sought
- Be familiar with congregational settings (preferred)
- Be organized, creative, energetic and fun
- Be committed to fostering her/his own ever-growing Christian faith

Compensation/Terms of Employment

- This is a Full Time position. Salary will be based on experience.
- Since work on Sunday is required, the Director of Christian Education will have one consistent weekday off to compensate.
- Paid Vacation and Study Leave will be negotiated based on experience and level of education.
- Business use of personal vehicles, continuing education and other such professional expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the Accountable Reimbursement Plan in the Session Personnel Manual, subject to budget limitations.
- Unless specifically documented and agreed to, this position is considered full-time and follows the personnel policies for full-time non clergy-position.

Saint Giles is an equal opportunity employer.

Posting Dates: 
09/18/2014 to 11/18/2014
Job Type: 
Full time
Job Category: 
Church, Ministry
Contact Name: 
Katherine Kussmaul
Contact Email: 
Contact Phone: 
(919) 787-4790