Days 6/7 - (wasn't there a weekend back there somewhere?)

Days 6/7 - (wasn't there a weekend back there somewhere?)

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Midweek Reflections on the Weekend Now Long Past ...

Hey - wasn’t there a weekend back there somewhere?  Yes, there was - and it was a very full one for DYA!

On Saturday, we took a journey to Camp Chestnut Ridge in Efland, NC, about a half-hour’s drive from our home base at Duke.  Guided by the theme “Creation Care,” students broke into groups to participate in a wide variety of service and learning activities.

Some took a nature hike and prayer pilgrimage through the camp’s large vegetable garden.  Others got their hands a little dirtier, helping with a camp service project or working with the chickens, pigs, and goats on the camp’s farm.  Everyone spent some time with Dr. Edie, learning about what it means to eat locally and to see such a choice as part of our care for God’s creation.

After our return to Duke, we enjoyed an evening cookout as well as a presentation by biblical storyteller Donna Marie Todd, who told us a story about baptism and was accompanied by dobro player Will Straughan.  Later that evening the DYA artists-in-residence showed some of their work and talked with students about art and faith, all over mocha java milkshakes.

We may have forgotten to do our journal entry, but we all got some good sleep that night!

On Sunday we gathered for worship in Duke Chapel, where 11 of our students participated as lectors and communion servers.  After a lunch together, we began a day of intentional rest, practicing a way of life reflective of God’s commandment to take Sabbath.  Students were encouraged to rest during the afternoon (perhaps even take a nap!), take a walk in Duke Gardens, or simply enjoy spending relaxed time with new friends.

That night we viewed a documentary film on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German theologian, pastor, and martyr (killed by the Nazis just before the end of WWII), and we followed it with a great discussion. 

The day was a refreshing gift after a busy week, and it prepared us for the days of learning, serving, and worshipping that are following.

Overheard This Weekend ...

“Look, pigs!  Oh, wait - I had bacon for breakfast this morning.  This is awkward.” - A student, as she approached the pigpen on the farm at Camp Cedar Ridge