Rev. William Turner, professor of the practice of homiletics, invites the university to proceed with the momentum it started 50 years ago during a Jan. 20 service commermorating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

The director of The Duke Endowment's rural church program area says the Endowment funded the Clergy Health Initiative to help give clergy the tools and permission to take care of themselves.

On Jan. 28, DITA will unveil a thirteen-day art exhibition and multimedia exploration of T. S. Eliot’s spiritual and literary masterwork, Four Quartets.

Dean Hays today announced the appointment of Xi Lian as professor of world Christianity.

Turner, professor of the practice of homiletics and a member of one of the first classes to include African Americans, will speak on "Praise, Protest & Power: 50 Years in the Making," complementing the 50th anniversary of Duke's first black undergraduate students.

Leaders who develop palliative care best practices receive Hastings Center Cunniff-Dixon Physician Awards.

Interviews with James MacMillan, Ellen Davis, and Jeremy Begbie among others feature in this three-part documentary on "Duke in Cambridge"—Holy Week 2012.

“Christianity and Contemporary Politics,” named to a shortlist for Ramsey prize for theological writing.

Amber Noel, a recent M.Div. graduate of the Divinity School, has been appointed as assistant to the director of DITA.

Conversations at the barbershop reminded a Divinity School student to focus on words that really matter.