Celebration events Nov. 12-13 include panel discussions, lectures, and a fund-raising dinner

Public presentation by Professor Maurice Wallace, Duke University, on Oct. 29

Center for Theology, Writing & Media presents panel discussion on Oct. 27

Robert Louis Wilken to present the 2009 David C. and Virginia R. Steinmetz Lecture on Nov. 4

“The Power of Partnership: How a Small Church Can Make a Big Difference in Its Community,” with Rev. Chuck Warnock, Pastor, Chatham Baptist Church

Ellen Davis presents inaugural lecture as the Amos Ragan Kearns Distinguished Professor of Bible and Practical Theology, Oct. 27

A new offering from Duke Divinity School's Office of Black Church Studies

Career in ministry included 22 years leading the Divinity School's efforts in field education and student life

Articles cover topics ranging from spiritual formation and the power of ministry to the ordination of women and scholarship news

AEHS sponsors Oct. 22 discussion with Professor Stanley Hauerwas and Rev. David Crabtree, TV news anchor