Hear the Oct. 28 panel discussion, featuring speakers from Sojourners and Christian Century magazines

A panel discussion at Duke Divinity School, Nov. 19

Robert Louis Wilken presented “Historical Theology: Following the Holy Fathers” on Nov. 4

On Nov. 12, Rev. Jeremy Troxler discusses the challenges, freedoms and joys of preaching in a rural setting

Discussion with Professor Stanley Hauerwas and television news anchor David Crabtree

Hear or download “Middle Passages: The Black Church Movement in the United States Today” by Dr. Alton Pollard

Hear or download the lecture, “The Poetry of Care and Loss,” through iTunes U

Celebration events Nov. 12-13 include panel discussions, lectures, and a fund-raising dinner

Public presentation by Professor Maurice Wallace, Duke University, on Oct. 29

Center for Theology, Writing & Media presents panel discussion on Oct. 27