Hear the Nov. 12 colloquium, featuring Thriving Rural Communities director Rev. Jeremy Troxler

Professors Charles Campbell, Stanley Hauerwas, Lauren Winner to lead conversation on Nov. 18

Hear the Oct. 28 panel discussion, featuring speakers from Sojourners and Christian Century magazines

A panel discussion at Duke Divinity School, Nov. 19

Robert Louis Wilken presented “Historical Theology: Following the Holy Fathers” on Nov. 4

On Nov. 12, Rev. Jeremy Troxler discusses the challenges, freedoms and joys of preaching in a rural setting

Discussion with Professor Stanley Hauerwas and television news anchor David Crabtree

Hear or download “Middle Passages: The Black Church Movement in the United States Today” by Dr. Alton Pollard

Hear or download the lecture, “The Poetry of Care and Loss,” through iTunes U

Celebration events Nov. 12-13 include panel discussions, lectures, and a fund-raising dinner