Featured speakers include Richard J. Mouw, Andy Crouch, and Sarah Coakley.

Field education program brings students to small, rural congregations.

Registration is open for Mar. 12, 2012 event that will explore overlooked biblical images for God.

Bishop Ntambo from the Republic of Congo spoke about his experiences planting 157 churches.

Divinity School professor Willie Jennings receives prestigious AAR "Award of Excellence" for his book The Christian Imagination.

The Office of Black Church Studies will host Moss, senior pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, Ill. Nov. 28-29.

Divinity students write notes to thank donors and supporters of Duke Divinity School.

From Faith & Leadership: In an excerpt from his latest book, Professor Norman Wirzba argues that our work as Christians is to develop into godly gardeners, who witness to the life-creating presence of God in the world.

Recordings and photos from the After the Yellow Ribbon conference on veterans' issues are now online.

Find gifts that help feed the hungry, heal the sick, and shelter the homeless.