Faith & Leadership interviewed the Korean-American church leader during a consultation on Northeast Asia hosted by CFR.

Medicine needs physicians who can offer another way of thinking about human flourishing, sickness, and health, says Divinity School professor on Faith & Leadership.

The Dean's Songwriters Series launched March 20 with American folk singers and songwriters Pierce Pettis and Grace Pettis.

Stanley Hauerwas lectures on "Preaching Without Apology" and "Facing Nothingness—Facing God."

On March 5, DITA welcomed James K. A. Smith to give the 2013 lecture in the Distinguished Lectures In Theology and the Arts series.

After a decade at Duke Divinity School and serving as CFR co-director, Emmanuel Katongole began his tenure at Notre Dame in Jan. 2013.

On April 1, members of a team from Brown University will give a presentation on their project to decode the work of Roger Williams.

The Feb. 28 event featured a keynote by Dr. Akec Khoc, ambassador of the Republic of South Sudan.

The retreat drew students and alumni to the Divinity School for fellowship and celebration of the Baptist House's 25th anniversary.

In a joint appointment with Duke, Dr. Payne has been named the John B. Francis Chair at the Center for Practical Bioethics.