The Center for Reconciliation's Pilgrimage of Pain and Hope gives students a chance to experience God and revelation in new ways.

Professor Will Willimon’s novel, “Incorporation,” offers an entertaining view of church and clergy.

Jeff Conklin-Miller has been appointed M.A.C.P. director and assistant professor.

Pastors Eldrick Davis, Alexis Coleman, and Bob Kretzu discuss the positive effects Spirited Life has had on their spiritual, mental, and physical health.

Marshall will serve as director of Anglican Episcopal House of Studies and associate professor.

Duke Youth Academy welcomes applications from high-school students and for staff positions.

Join DITA in engaging T. S. Eliot’s acclaimed poem Four Quartets through an exploration of art and faith.

Audio recordings of the sermons and lecture are available on iTunes U.

Students who attended community development conference expand their ministry of reconciliation.

Luke Bretherton was interviewed by journalist David Crabtree about faith and politics in an electoral season.