Divinity School Welcomes New Students

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Duke Divinity School this week welcomed a new entering class of 223 students, drawn from 25 states and nine countries.

Across all degree programs, the percentage of black students has increased to 14% this year. Women make up 37% of entering students; Asian students, 5%; Hispanic students, 4%; and white students, 73%.

Orientation last week featured music by current students.UMC-affiliated students total 40% across all programs; Baptist students, 17%; Anglican/Episcopal, 7%; non-denominational, 6%; Presbyterian, 5%; and Roman Catholic, 5%.

“The energy, enthusiasm and passion for Christian ministry and theology are palpable in this entering class,” said Sujin Pak, associate dean for academic programs and assistant research professor of the history of Christianity. “Their eagerness to learn and be equipped to live out their Christian vocations in the world gives more than reason to hope for the future of the church and theological education. It gives us reason to celebrate.”

In the M.Div. program, women comprise 41% of the entering class. Students who identify as white make up 79.8% of new students; black, 8.2%; Hispanic, 5.2%; and Asian, 3.7%. UMC-affiliated students represent 51% of new M.Div. students; Baptist, 14%; Anglican/Episcopal, 9%; non-denominational, 4%; Wesleyan traditions, 3.6%; and Presbyterian, 3.6%.

The Divinity School welcomed the entering class with an orientation program and picnic last week, and Opening Convocation this past Tuesday.

“Over the past few years, much has been said about the crisis of leadership in the church. If this year’s incoming class is any indication, that statement will soon be proven false,” said McKennon Shea, director of admissions. “These students represent a bright, hopeful, and energetic future for the churches and institutions they will soon lead, and we are very blessed to count them among our own this year.”