Center for Reconciliation Releases New Book on Creation Care

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Center for Reconciliation at Duke Divinity School has launched its latest book in the Resources for Reconciliation series — Making Peace with the Land by Duke Divinity School theologian Norman Wirzba and N.C. writer Fred Bahnson.

This book explores how people living in community can reconcile with one another through harvesting and eating food together as an act of honoring their Creator.

Making Peace with the Land fits into the larger Center for Reconciliation book series by melding layers of biblical insight and experience from the field to highlight journeys of reconciliation along terrain marred by violence, abuse, misunderstanding, and brokenness.

“We argue that any vision of reconciliation between people, important as it is, will be truncated and short-lived unless there is also reconciliation with the land,” Bahnson said. “We wanted to help the church remember that the land is inextricably bound up in the larger story of Christ's redemptive work.”

Wirzba, research professor of theology, ecology, and rural life at Duke Divinity, said the diverse voices that readers will hear through the pages of the book series help to define reconciliation inimitably.

“The wonderful thing about a series like this is that a theme like reconciliation can be examined and clarified from many points of view,” he said. “Reconciliation is central to the ministries of the church, but it is no simple thing. Having so many different people ask what it looks like in diverse contexts enriches our thinking and our life together in all sorts of ways.”

The Resources for Reconciliation book series expands themes of reconciliation in diverse settings and with unique voices. The books are co-written by an author who primarily is a theologian and an author who primarily is a practitioner.

Making Peace with the Land and the complete Resources for Reconciliation series is available through InterVarsity Press.