Sujin Pak Named Associate Dean

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Executive vice dean Laceye Warner announced today that Sujin Pak will assume the role of associate dean for academic programs for a three-year term effective July 1.

Pak will work with Warner to oversee planning and implementation of the curriculum, facilitate the work of the houses of study and the writing center, and lead the student life and formation area.

Pak specializes in the history of Christianity in late medieval and early modern Europe. Her teaching has focused on the theology of the Protestant reformers, the Protestant Reformation and the Jews, women and the Reformation, and the history of biblical interpretation. Her research and writing engage the history of biblical interpretation during the Reformation era.

Pak is also a United Methodist layperson with active roles as a teacher and lay preacher in the United Methodist Church.

Pak's teaching load will be reduced to focus on her new areas of responsibility. She will continue to work with doctoral students and teach the core course in Church history as her schedule allows.