DIVINITY Magazine's New Editorial Direction

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Monday, October 3, 2011

The release of the Fall 2011 issue of DIVINITY magazine marks a new editorial direction for Duke Divinity School’s award-winning publication. Each issue of the magazine will now be unified around a theme, chosen as a way to communicate the rich thinking and practice taking place at the school.

The fall issue, available in print and online, is focused on theology, faith, and the church’s intersection with the arts in conjunction with the Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts as well as the Oct. 10-11 Convocation & Pastors’ School, which will also explore this theme in a variety of ways.

Underscoring the magazine’s commitment to capturing the intellectual and theological life of the school, all of the articles, essays and book reviews were written by members of the Duke Divinity School community.

Professors Jeremy Begbie, Richard Lischer, Willie Jennings and Paul Griffiths contributed essays that address topics including art, jazz, memoirs and kitsch. Recent graduate Bonnie Scott’s essay examines the ways that crafting a sermon can be influenced by the experience of other crafts. Current student Mark Gorman argues that church musicians have a vital theological role in the church.

Additionally, much of the art in this issue was generated from within the Divinity School. Student Juli Kalbaugh and former librarian Luba Zakharov have paintings included, and student Tom Lewis provided all the art for Begbie’s feature essay.

The magazine’s new direction was inspired in part from feedback from alumni, who expressed interest in seeing more content that captured the thinking and engagement of the Divinity School community with important, relevant issues in the church and the world. Additionally, Dean Richard Hays supported the idea of having a publication that represents the range of intellectual, spiritual and creative engagement of Divinity School faculty, staff and students. “My hope is that this approach will offer readers an illuminating sample of the creative ferment that characterizes our life together, day in and day out,” he said.

To receive a printed copy of DIVINITY magazine, or to send any comments about the issue, email magazine@div.duke.edu.