Severe Weather Policy & Alert

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More information about the policy, including a map of priorities for clearing roads, lots and sidewalks, checklists, and answers to frequently asked questions, is available at the DukeALERT emergency website:
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Divinity Community:

Please review the Divinity Severe Weather Policy outlined below. We recognize that some members of our community travel a distance to reach the campus and we also recognize that everyone has different experiences when it comes to driving/negotiating bad weather, so please use your best discernment before setting out on roads that may not be well attended. If road conditions are hazardous and you feel uncomfortable driving and make the decision to stay home, then it is your responsibility to contact instructors.

If school is officially open and you decide to stay home, please be aware that instructors are not obligated to excuse absences.

Severe Weather Policy

In case of severe weather, it is suggested that you take the following steps in regard to determining whether Duke University and Duke Divinity School classes are in session or not:

  1. Watch/listen for media announcements regarding the Durham Public School System — this will help you determine if the weather is affecting the Durham area and, thus, Duke.
  2. Watch/listen for media announcements regarding Duke University. Call the Duke University Information Line: (919) 684-INFO (4636) and/or consult the Duke website or to determine if a decision has been made as to whether Duke University is open or closed for classes.
  3. In addition to what you discover above, be sure, if possible, to check the Divinity School website to see if there is information specific to Divinity classes.
  4. The bottom line, however, is ALWAYS use prayerful and careful discernment regarding your own unique situation. Attending class is important but not as important as your safety.