The Freedom of a Rural Minister

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Even when pastors have done their best, many feel extreme guilt at having fallen short of the high standards of Christian life and discipleship to which they are held. Because a pastor’s identity and vocation are so closely intertwined, even constructive criticism often feels like a personal attack. How can our ministries reflect the kind of “Freedom of a Christian” once described by Martin Luther?  Rev. Jeremy Troxler, director of the Thriving Rural Communities initiative, discusses the ways in which pastors can release their guilt and experience the joy of forgiveness and the grace and freedom that should accompany the Christian calling.

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The Rural Ministry Colloquia are lunch-time gatherings at Duke Divinity School where a pastor, scholar, layperson, or practitioner is invited to address an issue related to rural life or ministry and then lead a discussion on the topic. These events are open to the public.