DDS Sign Makes Primetime

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Director of Financial Aid Sheila Williams made the final stitch on an impromptu “Duke Divinity School ‘loves’ CBS” banner just in time Monday to hand it off to middler Laura Steed for her flight to Indianapolis for the 2010 NCAA Basketball Championship game.

Earlier in the day, the Admissions Office had e-mailed students challenging any who were attending the game to “hold up a Duke Divinity School sign that can be seen on TV!”

When middler Laura Steed, who works as a student assistant in admissions, offered to take a sign with her to the game, her colleagues rallied. In less than two hours, a recruitment table runner had a new message intended for primetime:“Duke Divinity School ‘loves’ CBS.”

The banner and a more hastily drawn sign (held by middler Megan Burt) showed up twice as CBS interviewed Monica Malone, mother of Duke player Nolan Smith, during half-time.

“My husband said I was more excited about the sign than I was about the game!,” says Williams, who had cut out the heart and CBS letters and stitched them in place. “I was excited about both!”