Divinity School Presents Excellence in Religion Reporting Awards

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Duke Divinity School presented Excellence in Religion Reporting awards to two journalists at the N.C. Press Association’s annual awards ceremony on Feb. 11.

In the daily newspaper category, the winner was Yonat Shimron of The (Raleigh) News & Observer. Shimron has won the award seven times in the eight years since it was created.

The Divinity School’s judge wrote of her work:

“(Shimron’s) entries exhibit the reporter’s ability to write beautiful, touching stories in a controlled style that never gets over-emotional or sappy. Her orphan’s choir and cystic fibrosis stories are great examples of this. Another entry, on a rescued Torah, is reported and written so well it almost seems she accompanied the Torah to its home near Prague. Her stories all include appropriate context expertly woven into their fabrics. She is among the country’s top religion reporters.”

In the community newspaper category, the winner was Hilary Snow of The State Port Pilot.

The judge wrote:

“(Snow’s) entries show her excellent eye for finding moving community stories. Her article ‘Wake up and smell the gospel’ is a delightful read about a church that turns into a free coffeehouse with live entertainment once a month. Another article, a slice-of-life piece on a pastor holding Sunday morning services at a movie theater, hit all the right notes in eight inches.”

The Divinity School co-sponsors the awards with the N.C. Press Association. For details, contact Jon Goldstein, 919-660-3416.