Day 5 - A Good Friday (Passion)

Day 5 - A Good Friday (Passion)

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Updates from Day 5 of DYA 2011



Faculty Speaker

Rev. Dr. Edgardo Colon-Emeric, Associate Professor of Theology

Lectionary Texts

Isaiah 52: 13 – 53:12, Psalm 22, Hebrews 10: 16 – 25, John 18 – 19

Quotes from the Last 24 Hours

“The cross is the true tree of life.” - Dr. Edgardo Colon-Emeric in plenary

“Please laugh, it makes things easier.” - Andrew Phillips, DYA staff member, on the use of humor in his prayer practice workshop

“I am really looking forward to some Sabbath rest.” – “I am really looking forward to some Sabbath rest.”

Reflections on the Lecture

In our morning plenary, Dr. Colon-Emeric discussed the Passion (suffering) of Christ. He integrated examples of visual Christian Art to assist with understanding the various thoughts throughout history about the meaning of the cross. He referenced several corresponding scripture verses from the Old and New Testament illustrating that Jesus died to fulfill the scriptures. He noted that it is stimulating to consider how people, other than the Israelites, come to identify with the cross and challenged us by asking - How would we read our own personal stories in light of the cross? As Christians, it is important to remember that Christ died for the sins of the world, therefore; we are all responsible for the death of Jesus. Finally, we were encouraged to think about the message of the cross in three distinct ways: 1 – our understanding of the crucifix, symbolic of Christ’s suffering, is meant to encourage contemplation, 2 – our daily imitation of Christ’s suffering through self denial and following Him (even to the point of death), and 3 – our participation in Christ’s suffering through Baptism, Holy Communion, and our own unique sufferings. Dr. Colon-Emeric reminds us that there is truly “a cross for each one of us” and it is meant to define our vocation in this life.

Other activities

As with each day, we begin and end with evening worship. Many students continue to express their reverence and astonishment regarding the Duke Chapel worship experience. What a blessing from God! This morning’s worship was attentive to the events of Good Friday. Today, we also welcome several past Duke Youth Academy participants as part of the 10th year anniversary celebration. We are delighted to fellowship with the past participants. We have also begun Prayer Practice sessions which provide three opportunities to experience the richness and variety of Christian prayer. The Preacher for this evenings worship service is Rev. Brian Jones and the Celebrant is Rev. Katherine Hande Smith.