Day 4: Fire and Incarnation

Day 4: Fire and Incarnation

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Faculty Speaker: Rev. Dr. Amy Laura Hall, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics

Lectionary Texts:Exodus 3:1-15; Philippians 2: 5-11; Luke 2:1-20; John 1:1-18

Reflections on the Lecture

It is important to note that the students, and staff, were very tired today.  The students have voiced that they love morning prayer so much, that, and this is my own vision, God decided to give us another early morning opportunity to be together... at 3:15... when the fire alarm went off in the dorm... everything and everyone is/was fine and I was personally quite impressed with the swiftness at which the staff got the students out.  It reminded me of fire drills from grade school days, except, we were all in our pajamas and bath robes, and, again, very, very tired.  Blessedly, Amy Laura Hall was our plenary speaker today.  She is a Mom, in real life, and by nature, so, she was understanding, and kept everyone going as we listened attentively to her thoughts on Christ's incarnation, and what it means that God became human, and what that means for us living in a media culture that teaches us, plainly, to hate our bodies, ourselves.  I heard many different exclamations of students relating to what she was saying and a general movement towards understanding/sharing the Christ incarnate in our often hostile culture.


"Someone preach us over to the other side." - Artist/preacher asking for anyone to literally preach us over to the other side, as in, back into the dorms and our sweet beds.

"Calvin teaches us to use scripture as lenses by which we see the world rightly." - Dr. Hall said something like this in plenary, and all the Presbyterians, that is, I, rejoiced.

Reflections on the rest of the day:

There were many jokes about the fire alarm and I think in general people were just alarmed all day that there would be another alarm.  But, God redeems all things for God's glory, and I trust God is using this as a bonding experience for us.  After all, we did see everyone in their bath robes, pajamas, and unfortunate hair messes/all their glory.  We met for the first time in our individual worship groups.  These are the groups we will plan and lead a service together with... my group spent the whole time focusing on the scriptures, and it was pretty amazing to see all that we got out of this time, even with what little time we had.  We also had our first hospitality dinner tonight, which is when we invite another community into our community to eat with us.  The students are looking forward to more of those.  

Submitted by Lindsey Groves, Mentor