Day 2: Creation

Day 2: Creation

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As with each day at DYA, we begin and end with worship!

At a Glance



Faculty Speaker

Dr. Willie Jennings, Associate Professor of Theology and Black Church Studies

Lectionary Texts

Genesis 1-2:4a; Psalm 33; Romans 8:18-25; 2 Corinthians 5:16-21

Reflections on the Lecture

Students pray with clay during the first Arts Village session <br>Photo by Taylor MillesonIn our morning plenary, Dr. Jennings spoke about what it means to be created by God, made in God’s image. Using a powerful mirror analogy, he taught about our need for relationship and connectivity with our creator, who is the authentic image that we as God’s creation reflect. Just as mirrors demand a subject, we depend on God to show us who we are as created in God’s image. We then split into small groups to discuss “case studies” about situations we might encounter in daily life, such as struggles with body image and family illness. How do we as Christians faithfully respond to these challenges knowing that we are created good by God? What words might we use to comfort someone else who is struggling?


To be made in the image of God means that we are in constant need of the original.’” — Dr. Willie Jennings during plenary

If we go to church and only praise the greatness of God, never spending time confessing our own sins, we run the risk of thinking that we are as great as God is.” — Dr. Jennings during plenary

Should I be concerned that John Wesley is up there instead of Jesus?” — A student about the stone carvings over the entrance to Duke Chapel

Other Activities

As with each day at DYA, we begin and end with worship! We are beginning to find our rhythm in morning prayer, which occurs in the inspiring chancel of Duke Chapel. At the close of the day, Divinity School Chaplain Sally Bates and DYA Chaplain Brian Hardesty-Crouch led us in evening worship, in which we explored what it means to be part of – and instruments in – God’s creation. Today we also experienced our first Arts Village workshop. DYA artists led students in exploring praying with clay, painting, drawing, and sacred dance. In our first hospitality meal, we shared a delicious meal and table fellowship with members of First Presbyterian Church in Durham.

Looking Ahead

Tomorrow Dr. Kate Bowler, Assistant Professor of American Christianity at Duke Divinity, will lead us in a plenary about covenant. In the afternoon, we’ll head out into Durham and surrounding areas for our first service project with local organizations. In the evening, the Rev. Jo Bailey Wells, an ordained Anglican priest and faculty member at Duke Divinity, will lead us in worship.