Day 10: The Church as a Community of Reconciliation

Day 10: The Church as a Community of Reconciliation

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We continued on our theme of life in the Spirit, building on the idea of church as witness by exploring the theme of reconciliation.

At a Glance


Life in the Spirit: The Church as a Community of Reconciliation

Faculty Speaker

Dr. Amy Laura Hall, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics

Lectionary Texts

Ezekiel 37:1-14; Psalm 104[1a;24-35]; Romans 8:14-27; Acts 2:1-14a,22-47

Reflections on the Lecture

Students harvest turnips at Anathoth Community Garden in Cedar Grove, N.C.We continued on our theme of life in the Spirit, building on the idea of church as witness by exploring the theme of reconciliation. Professor Amy Laura Hall challenged us to explore what reconciliation looks like across races, inciting our imagination through pop culture references past and present, using old magazine clips from the early 1900s to show the subtle and not so subtle ways that race has functioned historically and also showing us a clip from Disney's High School Musical to show how Disney has marketed to us a reconciliation that is one of cheap grace, "the body of Christ with no wounds." The road to racial reconciliation, Hall pointed out, is a hard road to traverse. Hall ended her lecture by challenging us to explore how our lives have been complicit in putting up walls to race reconciliation--and how we can do the hard work so that we can come to the table together in the name of Christ, the Lord of us all. 


"Disney has marketed to you an alternative liturgy, one that occurs by coming to Disney instead of coming to the Table...Disney stole our Gospel. I want it back."  — Dr. Hall, during plenary lecture

"Today, I feel like I really saw things in a new light. It was challenging but encouraging to hear the ways we can explore reconciliation across color lines... oh, and Dr. Hall totally dissed High School Musical, which was awesome." — Student in response to plenary session

"You are not the future. Jesus is."  — Dr. Hall, during plenary lecture

"The chance to help plan the worship service was really memorable. I liked it a lot more than I expected, and I learned a lot."  — Student after evening worship service.

Other Activities

This afternoon we again traveled to various sites in and around Durham to serve in the local community.  With a break in the high temperatures, it was a beautiful day to be outside and labor in God’s vineyard!  Today also marked our second student-planned-and-led worship service, reflecting contemplatively on the ways in which the Holy Spirit enables us to pursue one body in Christ.  The Rev. Julian Pridgen led us in worship, reminded us that Pentecost enables us both to speak as Christians and to hear.  He challenged us to consider the new ways in which we have learned to listen differently here at DYA, and to bear forth that witness into the world. 

Looking Ahead

It’s hard to believe that we only have two full days left at DYA.  Tomorrow we turn toward the topic of “vocation” as faculty director Fred Edie leads us in plenary.  In the afternoon, students will have the opportunity to “go deeper” in a workshop exploration with the artist of their choosing.  Tomorrow evening will mark our final student-led service, also focusing on the theme of vocation.