Newgate Prison Ministry Workshops

Has your church considered offering a prison ministry?

Thriving Rural Communities is helping prepare individuals for this challenging ministry through a partnership with Rev. Janet Dixon of Disciple Bible Outreach Ministries, an organization that has trained more than 300 clergy and laity as prison volunteers across more than 70 correctional institutions. 

Step inside the walls of a prison facility.  Understand the facts regarding incarceration in North Carolina and across the United States.  Learn about the lives of the prisoners.  Hear from current volunteers about their experiences at the prison and from prison officials about their volunteer needs. Share in worship.  After an eye-opening training, you’ll have skills you need to begin your ministry.

If members of your congregation or district are interested in learning more about this opportunity, contact us.

“There was a man in a Disciple Bible Study class at Forsyth Correctional who had been in and out of prison and foster homes since he was in 5th grade. His mother was an alcohol and drug user who would put him out of the house at night. He would be forced to seek shelter as best he could. This behavior began when he was around 5. She did this so she could entertain men. I met him when he was in his early 40s. He came to bible study faithfully and was released from prison before we finished the class. He joined my church Disciple class, and when it ended, he joined the church and was baptized. For seven years now, he has been a faithful member. He has held down a job all that time and has been in no trouble. This is the longest he has been out of prison since he was 10. He is a changed man. His name is Beaver.” — Rev. Janet Dixon, Disciple Bible Outreach