The Unbroken Circle: A Toolkit for Congregations around Illness, End-of-Life, and Grief
An easy-to-use toolkit of resources for clergy and church-lay leaders to help them better understand and find practical ways to address end-of-life care issues in their congregations.

Key Topics on End-of-Life Care for African Americans (pdf)
An intellectual discourse derived from The Last Miles of the Way Home 2004 National Conference to Improve End-of-Life Care for African Americans, with commentaries by Karla Holloway, Richard Payne M.D., Gwendolyn London D.Min., and Sharon Latson. The topics in this book range from the impact of health disparities on end of life decision-making to spiritual aspects of care at life’s end, to sociological and cultural perspectives on death and dying, and health policy considerations.

Jewish Ritual, Reality and Response at the End-of-Life: A Guide to Caring for Jewish Patients and Families (pdf)
This guide, written by Rabbi Mark A. Popovsky, introduces Jewish beliefs and practices around illness, death and loss and provides practical suggestions for responding to the complicated situations where the clinical, religious, and cultural are entwined.

Video and Audio

Does God Care? (2012)
Discussing suffering is easier when you’re standing on the outside. It’s a lot harder when you’re in it. Why is there suffering? How do we deal with death? Is God relevant to how we deal with suffering? Dr. Michael Lill of UCLA and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center present an Agnostic perspective on this topic. Dr. Raymond Barfield of Duke University offers the Christian perspective.

God, Medicine and Suffering
Dr. Ray Barfield, physician and professor at Duke Divinity School, discusses his work as a pediatric oncologist and how we consider suffering and death in light of faith.

Does God Care? (2013)
Ray Barfield, associate professor at Duke Divinity School and Duke School of Medicine; Meg Westley, professor of speech communication, University of Waterloo and president of Dying with Dignity Canada; and Shabir Ally, president of the Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International in Toronto explore death and suffering in a panel discussion followed by audience Q&A.

Addressing Death in American Healthcare
Dr. Karl Lorenz and Dr. Raymond Barfield host an interactive forum around issues of suffering, the American denial of death, and health care reform.

Why Health Care Reform Needs Spiritual Reform
New laws and policies won't be enough to tackle the health care crisis. Dr. Ray Barfield of Duke University explains why addressing American spiritual beliefs about the end of life is a missing piece.


Time Magazine: Jahi McMath, Ariel Sharon, and the Valley of Death
Heroic medical procedures can leave us in a limbo between life and accepting what's beyond.

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