A Cross-Cultural Look at Death, Dying and Religion
edited by Joan K. Parry, Angela Shen Ryan
Wadsworth Publishing Co., 1995
Explores how people of various backgrounds—religious, ethnic, gender and sexual orientation—cope with death, dying and grieving. A guide for psychiatrists, psychologists, clergy, social workers, physicians, nurses, other practitioners, educators, and students who are concerned with helping people at the end of life and grieving families.

Cultural Issues in End-of-Life Decision Making
edited by Kathryn L. Braun, James H. Pietsch and Patricia L. Blanchette
Sage Publications, Inc., 1999
Medical, legal and ethical contexts of the dying experience, discussing ethnic perspectives and religious issues. Intended to help nurses, physicians, social work and clergy know and understand the implications of individual and family beliefs about life and death, supportive rituals and other activities.

Death and Bereavement Across Cultures
edited by Colin Murray Parkes, Pittu Laungani and Bill Young
Routledge, 1997
Describes the rituals and beliefs of major world religions, explains their psychological and historical context, shows how customs change by contact with the West and considers the implications for the future.

Ethnic Variations in Dying, Death and Grief: Diversity in Universality
edited by Donald P. Irish, Kathleen F. Lundquist and Vivian Jenkins Nelsen
Taylor & Francis, 1993
Describes funeral and mourning customs among recent immigrant groups, such as the Hmong, and groups that have kept many of their traditional customs despite long contact with the dominant culture. Also examines multicultural issues and provides the means for personal reflection on death and dying. Includes two bibliographic sections: one general and one geared toward children.