Asian American Beliefs and Practices Relevant to Care and Caring
Near and at the End of Life

from The National Resource Center on Diversity in End of Life Care

Caring Connections
Offers consumer booklets in Chinese on topics including hospice care, palliative care, advance directives, understanding dying and dealing with grief.

Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care
National coalition that engages the Chinese-American community in end of life issues through culturally sensitive initiatives, advances interdisciplinary palliative care and pain management initiatives by providing education and training. Website includes relevant resources and publications in English and Chinese.

Chinese-American Death Rituals: Respecting the Ancestors
by Sue Fawn and Priscilla Wegars
AltaMira Press, 2005
Examines Chinese American funerary rituals and cemeteries from the late 19th century until the present to underscore the importance of Chinese funerary rites and their transformation through time.

Strength for Caring
Includes a helpful list of local and national Asian American support services and resources on health care and caregiving.