African American Aging and Health Care Relevant to Care and Caring Near and at the End of Life, National Resource Center on Diversity in End of Life Care
Discusses the effects of culture and ethnicity on end of life caregiving.

African American Grief (Death, Dying and Bereavement)
by Paul C. Rosenblatt and Beverly R. Wallace
Routledge, 2005
Considers the effects of slavery, racism and ignorance and oppression on the African American experience and conception of death and grief. Combines narratives with research, analysis, and theoretical discussion of issues as well as topics such as the influence of the African American church, gospel music, family grief, and medical racism as a cause of death and discrimination during life and after death.

Alzheimer’s Association
Website includes a section about Alzheimer’s disease and African Americans. Also offers downloadable resources such as “African-Americans and Alzheimer’s Disease: The Silent Epidemic,” “Stress Relief for the African-American Caregiver,” and “African-American Clergy Guide: Lighting the Path for People Affected by Alzheimer’s.”

APPEAL Training: A Progressive Palliative Care Educational Curriculum for the Care of African Americans at Life's End
Training for health care providers and others on caring for African American patients and families at the end of life, designed to increase participants' palliative care knowledge and skills and to help them gain greater confidence and ability to communicate with African American patients and families.

The Balm in Gilead, Inc.
Nonprofit organization focused on improving the health status of people of the African Diaspora by building the capacity of faith communities to address life-threatening diseases, especially HIV and AIDS.

Caring Connections
Offers a wide range of free consumer resources on illness, caregiving, end of life and grief for African Americans. Also offers an African American End of Life Outreach Guide for those working with the African American populations.

Key Topics on End-of-Life Care for African Americans, The Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life
Includes issues in end of life decision-making and caregiving unique to African American patients, families and communities. Topics range from the impact of health disparities on end of life decision-making to spiritual aspects of care at life’s end, to sociological and cultural perspectives on death and dying and finally, to health policy considerations.

Passed On: African American Mourning Stories: A Memorial
by Karla F.C. Holloway
Duke University Press, 2003
Portrait of death and dying and a history of the funeral business in 20th century African America through reflection and investigation of myths, rituals, economics and politics.

Samuel D. Proctor Conference Collaboration
Conference brings together the Black Church, academy, institutions and businesses to strengthen the capacity and network of the African American faith community and its leaders. In 2007, leaders of the Samuel D. Proctor Conference collaborated with the Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life to create “The Proctor Covenant Statement on End of Life Care”, considered to be a national starting point for defining the responsibilities of African American clergy to their congregants regarding end of life issues. For more information, contact Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life.

Strength for Caring, African American Culture Resources
Website includes a helpful list of healthcare resources, caregiving resources, support information, local and national African American resources.