Register of Charles Wesley’s Preaching

Compiled and Annotated by Randy L. Maddox

This register of Charles Wesley’s preaching was developed as a parallel to the register for John Wesley that is also available on this website.
A quick comparison will reveal dramatic difference in scale between the two registers. There are over ten times as many listings of specific sermon texts for John as there are for Charles. One reason for this disparity is that Charles significantly reduced his role as a traveling preacher after he married (unlike John). Moreover, while we know from scattered references that Charles continued to preach regularly in Bristol and London after he married in 1749, he left far fewer records of his texts than John (who kept sermon text logs, to help avoid preaching on the same text in yearly visits to various Methodist societies).

This register gathers references to specific occasions of Charles Wesley preaching, drawing from his manuscript journal, a number of journal letters that he sent his brother during his preaching tours in the early years of the revival, occasional letters that he sent to his wife and children when serving stints in London while John was touring elsewhere, and other scattered relevant sources. All instances where Wesley specifically mentions preaching are included, to give a sense of the frequency and pattern of his role as a preacher at various stages in his ministry. The biblical text for his sermon is listed whenever this is indicated. The site for each sermon is identified as closely as possible. Mention is also made of any surviving manuscript copies of the sermon (mainly in the earliest years). Finally, an occasional second-hand report has survived of specific sermons, which is recorded in footnotes.

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