The Center for Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition is constituted of Duke Divinity faculty within the Wesleyan tradition who devote some portion of their teaching or scholarship to topics relating to the tradition, as well as staff who give leadership to our educational outreach, and invited Research Fellows.

W. Stephen Gunter, Director of CSWT
Kate Bowler
Kenneth Carder
Kenneth H. Carter, Jr. (Research Fellow)
Edgardo Colón-Emeric
Jeffrey Conklin-Miller
Shannon Conklin-Miller, Director of United Methodist Programs
Amy Laura Hall
Richard Heitzenrater
Craig Hill
L. Gregory Jones
Susan Pendleton Jones
S T Kimbrough (Research Fellow)
Randy Maddox
Sujin Pak
Russell Richey (Research Fellow)
Lester Ruth
Beth Sheppard
J. Warren Smith
Grant Wacker
J. Ross Wagner
Geoffrey Wainwright
Laceye C. Warner
Will Willimon
Brittany Wilson