A Prayer for Health

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Prayer for good health is on the rise -- and with it, efforts to care for body and mind.

It seems that prayer for good health is on the rise.  New research, published in May in the journal Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, notes that in a comparison of two studies, 49 percent of respondents actively prayed for their own good health in 2007, up from 43 percent in 2002. 

What I found interesting is the fact that the individuals who pray for their well-being are also the most likely to take steps to protect their health by doing things like regularly seeing a physician.  That gives me hope that rather than sending up an empty “wish” for God to take care of them (despite what they may do to strain their minds and bodies), these individuals are seeking strength through God.  And that through God’s grace, they’ll find the means to take positive action in their own lives. 

It’s something to pray for, anyway.

Kate Rugani
Communications Director
Duke Clergy Health Initiative

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