The power of yes and no

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Joseph was going to call the whole thing off.

Here is an Advent reflection for this week, by our friend and office-neighbor Bill Lamar at Faith & Leadership.

A preview:

Joseph was going to call the whole thing off. He was going to do the noble thing, the honorable thing. He would let Mary go quietly, without blogging about her condition. He would do his best to save face and salvage their reputations. But apparently, Joseph’s rational decision-making process was not enough for God....

Theologically, it is fair to say that God partners with humans in the economy of salvation. But when special circumstances present themselves, as in the birth and protection of God Incarnate, God goes the extra mile. More than likely Joseph would have done the “right” thing. He would have spared Mary disgrace. But God wanted him to do more than the right thing. God wanted him to be, in the words of Pope John Paul II, the Redemptoris Custos, the Guardian of the Redeemer. And in Matthew’s Gospel God seems to be more Augustinian than Pelagian. Humans need divine aid to live into our vocations. We need grace to live as God would have us to live and to do what God would have us to do. So through a dream, God injects a little stimulus into the economy of salvation.

Read the whole thing.

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John James, M.A.

Research Analyst, Clergy Health Initiative

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