Pentecost: God With Us

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Charles and John Wesley composed 32 hymns just to celebrate Pentecost, and this is one of my favorites.

Hymn 1 - Whitsunday Hymns
Charles Wesley

1 Father of everlasting grace,
Thy goodness and thy truth we praise,
Thy goodness and thy truth we prove:
Thou hast in honour of thy Son
The gift unspeakable sent down
The Spir’t of life, and power, and love;
2 Thou hast THE PROPHECY fulfilled,
The grand orig’nal compact sealed,
For which thy word and oath were joined:
THE PROMISE to our fallen head
To every child of Adam made,
Is now poured out on all mankind.
3 The purchased Comforter is given,
For Jesus is returned to heaven,
To claim, and then THE GRACE impart:
Our day of Pentecost is come,
And God vouchsafes to fix his home
In every poor expecting heart.

This is the season when Christians celebrate Pentecost: the Holy Spirit made visible among the community of believers. Charles and John Wesley composed 32 hymns just to celebrate Pentecost, and one of my favorites appears above.

Pastors often preach about the tongues of fire, and what it means to have the Holy Spirit "on" and among us. If you were preaching to yourself this Pentecost season, what topics would be your focus? What are you hungry for that the Spirit can provide? What gifts are you aware of, and what promises have been kept this year? This is another season of new beginnings. (Notice how often we get the chance to begin anew?) What new beginning might you want to claim as this spring comes to its fulfillment?

Yours in health and blessing,

Robin Y. Swift, MPH
Health Programs Director
Clergy Health Initiative

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