The Duke Clergy Health Initiative is a ten-year program intended to improve the health and well-being of United Methodist clergy in North Carolina.

The Clergy Health Initiative's research is the first to examine how to tailor health interventions to clergy. We now know that programs to improve clergy health will succeed only if they address the multiple conditions that contribute to health, especially conditions created by congregations and denominational polities.

This information formed the basis for our pilot program, and for Spirited Life, the Clergy Health Initiative’s wellness program and behavioral health study.

Summary Report: 2014 Statewide Survey of United Methodist Clergy in North Carolina

Every other year since 2008, the Duke Clergy Health Initiative has conducted a survey of all North Carolina United Methodist clergy to assess their mental, physical and spiritual health.

Wondering how they're faring?

Our summary report offers a comprehensive look at the 2014 survey findings. View the report (pdf).