African Great Lakes Initiative

The African Great Lakes Initiative (GLI) is a community of restless Christian leaders seeking to embody God’s vision of reconciliation. The GLI inspires, forms, and supports leaders in the Great Lakes Region through community, formation, and learning shaped by biblically-inspired content and methodologies.

Since its launch in 2005, the center has identified the Great Lakes region of Eastern Africa as a key geographical area of global outreach. Over four years, the center formed a close partnership with the Mennonite Central Committee, African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM), and World Vision International, hosting yearly gatherings in the region and forming a fresh movement for peacemaking.

Today, the African Great Lakes Initiative has impacted thousands around East Africa, drawing seasoned and emerging leaders into a vibrant ministry of cultivating, resourcing, and connecting Christian peacemakers.

Leadership Institute

The Great Lakes Initiative Leadership Institute is designed for Christian leaders in the African Great Lakes who are passionate about the ministry of reconciliation. Modeled after the Duke Summer Institute, this intensive program offers participants an opportunity to interact with remarkable Christian leaders in the Great Lakes Region. Participants engage in seminars and learn from distinguished plenary speakers during the course of a common journey that centrally includes a pilgrimage to a local community of pain and hope.

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Strategic Partners

The African Great Lakes Initiative would not be possible without abiding and mutually transformative support from partner organizations in Africa. These ministries have committed time, institutional energy, and resources to this initiative over many years of shared partnership.