The CFR forms and nourishes faithful Christian leadership for reconciliation by providing opportunities that engage theology, context, and practice in response to the social, economic, and political realities communities face.

Summer Institute for Reconciliation: An intensive institute that brings together leaders of faith communities from more than 40 U.S. states, 25 countries, and 20 denominations for a week of training and theological reflection. The Summer Institute for Reconciliation draws on the vibrant spiritual and intellectual resources of Duke Divinity School, including a world-class faculty of theologians and ministry practitioners.

African Great Lakes Initiative: The mission of the Great Lakes Initiative (GLI) is to mobilize restless Christian leaders from across the Great Lakes region of Africa, create a space for their transformation, and empower them to participate in God’s mission of reconciliation in their own communities, organizations and nations.  The GLI has hosted numerous regional leadership institutes based on the same model as the Summer Institute for Reconciliation.  Moving into the future, the GLI will deepen its work at the national level through the creation and support of individual Country Working Groups, each focused on specific national reconciliation issues.

The Northeast Asia Reconciliation Initiative: An emerging community of Christian leaders from Northeast Asia and the U.S. seeking to embody God’s vision of reconciliation. The initiative is a theological fueling station to inspire, form, and support practitioners, church leaders, and educators and scholars from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and the U.S. Through spaces of community and learning shaped by biblically-inspired content and methodologies, the goal is to nourish the Christian witness of peace and reconciliation across historical divides and current tensions in the region.

Student Programs: Duke Divinity School provides opportunities for its students to explore their calling and vocation and be transformed by the ministry of reconciliation. Academic courses, summer internships, and pilgrimages to historic sites of pain and division encourage students to reflect deeply on God’s ministry of reconciliation among leading theologians and practitioners.