Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies (AEHS) sponsor candidates for ordination?

No. Many students arrive as aspirants or postulants, already sponsored by a bishop. The director of AEHS offers support to Anglican/Episcopal students who find themselves discerning a vocation to the ordained ministry. These students are then encouraged to proceed with the usual processes of discernment, linked to a parish and diocese, whether in North Carolina or elsewhere.

Does the Certificate in Anglican Studies replace the requirement for an “Anglican Year” at another seminary?

The focus of all the activities of the AEHS is vocational, aiming to equip people to be wise, faithful, and fruitful servants of Jesus Christ in every aspect of their ministry—whether that be ordained or lay, in a parish or in the academy, in North America or elsewhere. The particular requirements for ordination are determined by a sponsoring bishop in liaison with the diocesan Commission on Ministry, not by AEHS or Duke Divinity School. These are tailored to individual circumstances and in many cases, it is agreed that requirements can be met at Duke Divinity School. The director of AEHS is willing to serve as a liaison with the relevant personnel in an aspirant’s diocese on these matters when appropriate.  But the sponsoring bishop makes the final decision about the requirement of an “Anglican Year” at another seminary.

Where does the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies fit within the complex climate of Anglicanism in North America?

AEHS functions under the auspices of Duke Divinity School. It aims to serve the Anglican and Episcopal world—locally, nationally, and globally—chiefly through nurturing and training future leaders and theologians. Founded at a challenging time for Anglicanism in North America and with a divergent range of views and commitments among its students, AEHS is committed to maintaining conversation and communion even where different Anglican institutional affiliations are now represented among its students.

How do I become a member of the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies?

There is no formal membership in AEHS. Duke  Divinity School students who self-identify as Anglican or Episcopal are invited to become involved in the activities and opportunities of AEHS. AEHS  welcomes participation of students of other denominations who are interested in learning about Anglicanism. Members of AEHS are also expected to take part in the wider worship life of the Divinity School.

Do I have to participate in Anglican Spiritual Formation or be pursuing the Certificate in Anglican Studies to be involved with AEHS?

No. Anglican Spiritual Formation (CHURMIN 704) and the Anglican Certificate are not required but are available to students who wish to make a more formal commitment to learning about and being formed in the Anglican tradition as they prepare for a lifetime of ministry and service (either lay or ordained).

How is Anglican Spiritual Formation (listed as CHURMIN 704 in the course catalog) related to the Certificate in Anglican Studies?

Students who wish to receive the Certificate in Anglican Studies must enroll in Anglican Spiritual Formation (ASF) for at least two years, although all are encouraged to enroll in ASF throughout their time at Duke Divinity School. In addition, any Duke Divinity School student who desires to learn more about, and be formed in, the Anglican tradition may enroll in ASF, even if he or she does not wish to receive the Certificate in Anglican Studies.