Minister of Discipleship
St. John's United Methodist Church

St. John’s United Methodist Church
Anderson, South Carolina
Job Description

Title:            Minister of Discipleship

Hours:             Full Time to include Evening and Weekend responsibilities

Hiring Body:        Staff Parish Relations Committee

Supervisor:        Senior Minister    

Education:    Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science required; Major in Christian Education preferred

    Master’s Degree and / or Christian Education Certification beneficial  

Desired Skills:

1.    Profess the Christian faith and feel a calling to serve in the local church
2.    Proficiency in Biblical knowledge and Wesleyan theology
3.    Be a caring servant leader who lives with high moral and ethical character
4.    Ability to self-motivate; organize, prioritize, work, teach and lead effectively without supervision  
5.    Ability to connect positively and build relationships with people of all ages and groups of all sizes
6.    Ability to cooperate, be respectful, and team well with others in an office environment
7.    Desire to be active, productive and transformational in community affairs
8.    Good written and verbal communication
9.    Proficiency in the use of computer hardware, software, and social media


1)    Continuously represent and promote the mission of the United Methodist Church to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World
2)    Implement and assimilate a strategic, comprehensive Discipleship Ministry for all constituent groups that will deepen individuals’ faith in Jesus Christ and include
a.    An assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the current program
b.    A long-term plan that transitions the existing program to a more effective, consistent, faith-based ministry that is invitational, instructional, relational, and engages participants of all ages in serving
c.    A model for the budgeting and employment of appropriate educational resources    
3)    Provide enthusiastic leadership and guidance to chairs and their committees involved in Discipleship Ministries
4)    Provide passionate recruitment, training, support, and resources to church staff and lay and volunteer leaders who serve in the Discipleship Ministries of children, youth and adults
5)    Eagerly participate in discipleship activities on and off of the church campus, teaching and leading when appropriate
6)    Consistently inform and engage the congregation and community regarding discipleship activities through social media and the effective use of an online calendar
7)    Foster an environment of direction and inclusion for small groups with regard to Bible studies and other Discipleship Ministries
8)    Create, organize and promote a route for prospective and inactive members to participate fully in the discipleship process and in ways that will help them become active, committed members of the congregation
9)    Provide Discipleship guidance to the director, staff, children, and board of the St. John’s Child Development Center and provide ongoing means for CDC families to grow in faith and become involved in the life of the congregation
10)    Administer, monitor and insure adherence of the St. John’s Safe Sanctuary Policy
11)    Assist the Stewardship Committee in the creation of a spiritually-based culture for the faithful offering of tithes and gifts by the congregation and community
12)    Assist the Nominations Committee in the identification and inspiration of new and experienced educational leadership existing in the congregation and community
13)    Ably partner with and support the Senior Minister in the performance of worship or other Christian ministries  as requested
14)    Be an external, vocal advocate of the ministries and programs of St. John’s United Methodist Church at all times throughout the community

Posting Dates: 
02/13/2017 to 03/31/2017
Job Type: 
Full time
Job Category: 
Contact Name: 
Jimmy Kimbell
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