Details for upcoming semesters will be available at the time of pre-registration in the middle of the semester, and more distant plans may be ascertained by consulting the divisional representative or the instructors concerned.

Spring 2017 Registration Information

Five Course Overload

If you are considering enrolling in more than 4 credits, this is considered an overload and you will need permission from Dean Conklin-Miller to do this. Factors that are considered in granting permission include, but are not limited to, non-credit courses during the upcoming semester and the student's academic record, e.g. spiritual formation, field education, and incomplete coursework from previous semesters. To request an overload, please email with the following information regarding your request to take more than 4 credits: 

  • Names and course numbers of the four courses you registered for the upcoming semester
  • The name and course number for the 5th course
  • Any non-credit courses you are enrolled in/plan to enroll in e.g. spiritual formation, field education, etc.
  • How you plan to handle the additional work load presented by the fifth class

Note: You do not need permission to audit a fifth course. You do need permission to take a fifth course for a grade or on a pass/fail basis.

Fall 2016 Final Exam Information

If your course is not listed as having a final exam on the above PDF, plesae consult your syllabi and ask the instructor for further clarification.

Consult the Divinity Bulletin for additional information about courses offered through Duke Divinity School.