David Marshall

Director of the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies, Jack and Barbara Bovender Associate Professor of Anglican Episcopal Studies and Ministry, and Associate Research Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations
0041A Langford

Duke Divinity School
Duke University
407 Chapel Drive
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Durham, NC 27708-0968

(919) 660-3576
  • M.A., University of Oxford
  • M.A., University of Birmingham
  • Ph.D., University of Birmingham

David Marshall is Jack and Barbara Bovender Associate Professor of Anglican Episcopal Studies and Ministry, associate research professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations, and director of the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies (AEHS). A priest in the Church of England and a scholar in the field of Islamic Studies, Marshall holds a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from Birmingham University. He has served as a parish priest and has taught in a variety of settings, including the universities of Edinburgh, Oxford, and Notre Dame in London, as well as in an ecumenical theological school in Kenya. He also served as chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury from 2000-2005. Before joining the Duke Divinity School faculty in Spring 2013, Marshall worked as a research fellow of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, & World Affairs at Georgetown University, serving as the academic director of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Building Bridges Seminar for Christian and Muslim scholars. He continues to be involved in this project. He is married with two children.

David Marshall frequently gives talks on understanding Islam. Listen to audio and view a handout (pdf) from his lecture: "Looking at Islam: A Christian Perspective" given at the Center for Christian Study, University of Virginia, in November 2015.

Selected Publications
  • ‘Dialogue, Proclamation and the Growth of the Church in Religiously Diverse Societies’ in David Goodhew (ed.), Towards a Theology of Church Growth (Ashgate, 2015) (pdf)
  • ‘Roman Catholic Approaches to the Qur'an since Vatican II’ in Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations (25:1, 2014)
  • ‘Muhammad in Contemporary Christian Theological Reflection’ in Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations (24:2, 2013)
  • ‘Intelligence, humility and confidence: an agenda for Christian engagement with Islam’ in Christopher Hewer and Christian Troll (eds), Christian Lives Given to the Study of Islam (Fordham University Press, 2012)
  • ‘Christians, Muslims and Religious Freedom’, in World Christianity in Muslim Encounter, ed. Stephen B. Goodwin (Continuum, 2009)
  • ‘Giving reasons for the hope that is within us: Christian Troll’s approach to presenting the Christian faith in dialogue with Muslims’ in Im Dienst der Versöhnung. Für einen authentischen Dialog zwischen Christen und Muslimen, ed. Peter Hünseler (Friedrich Pustet Verlag, 2008)
  • Learning from How Muslims See Christianity (Grove, 2006)
  • ‘Heavenly Religion or Unbelief? Muslim Perspectives on Christianity’ in Anvil 23:2 (2006)
  • ‘Mary in the Qur’an’ in A Faithful Presence: Essays for Kenneth Cragg, eds David Thomas and Clare Amos (Melisende, 2003)
  • ‘Christianity in the Qur’an’ in Islamic Interpretations of Christianity, ed. Lloyd Ridgeon (Curzon, 2001)
  • God, Muhammad and the Unbelievers: a Qur’anic Study (Curzon, 1999)
  • ‘The Resurrection of Jesus and the Qur’an’ in Resurrection Reconsidered, ed. Gavin D’Costa (Oneworld, 1996)


  • Dialogue and Difference: Clarity in Christian-Muslim Relations (translation of Christian Troll SJ, Unterscheiden um zu klären: Orientierung im christlich-islamisch Dialog (Orbis, 2009)
  • Muslims Ask, Christians Answer (translation of Christian Troll SJ, Muslime fragen, Christen antworten) (Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, 2005)

Edited Volumes

  • The Community of Believers: Christian and Muslim Perspectives (Georgetown, 2015), co-edited with Lucinda Mosher
  • Death, Resurrection and Human Destiny: Christian and Muslim Perspectives (Georgetown, 2014), co-edited with Lucinda Mosher
  • Prayer: Christian and Muslim Perspectives (Georgetown, 2013), co-edited with Lucinda Mosher
  • Tradition and Modernity: Christian and Muslim Perspectives (Georgetown, 2013)
  • Science and Religion: Christian and Muslim Perspectives (Georgetown, 2012)
  • Communicating the Word: Revelation, Translation, and Interpretation in Christianity and Islam (Georgetown, 2011)
  • Humanity: Texts and Contexts: Christian and Muslim Perspectives (Georgetown, 2011), co-edited with Michael Ipgrave

Online Publication

A collection of papers on Christian theological engagement with Islam, given at a series of seminars Marshall chaired at Campion Hall, Oxford in 2010-2011.

Recent Courses
  • Introduction to Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations
  • Modern Voices from the Anglican Tradition
  • The Qur’an: An Introduction in the Context  of Christian-Muslim Encounter