Job Opportunities

Below are specific job listings, including positions at Duke Divinity School, that have been submitted to the school.

January 13, 2014
Church, Ministry
Minister of Youth
First United Methodist Church North Wilkesboro
Full time
North Wilkesboro, North Carolina USA

First United Methodist Church North Wilkesboro is looking for a full time Minister to Youth who will lead and supervise comprehensive ministry to and with youth (grades 6-12) in order to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world in accordance with our mission and vision.
Job responsibilities include the following main areas:
1.    Communication to youth, parents, leaders, church, and community
2.    Planning (trips, weekly meeting nights, special events, etc.)
3.    Administration (maintain office hours, mailings, attendance records, etc.)
4.    Coordinate volunteers (parents, students, and leader teams)
5.    Relational (youth, parents, staff, colleagues in youth ministry, community leaders, church members)
6.    Visioning and Education (research, future planning, continuing education, etc.)
1.    College preferred
2.    Youth Ministry experience
3.    Outstanding recommendations
4.    Long-term perspective (at least 5 year tenure)
Salary negotiable based on experience and education. For more information about our church and its various ministries, please visit the church's website or Facebook page.
Send cover letter, resume, and names and addresses of three references to:
First United Methodist Church, P.O. Box 1145, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

Dr. Keith Franklin

January 10, 2014
Church, Ministry
Lake View First Baptist Church
Full time
Lake View, South Carolina USA

The pastor shall be responsible to the church for leading the church in determining and achieving its vision, for proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, for engaging in pastoral care, and for providing administrative leadership of the church in all areas of life.  He is the spiritual leader and overseer of the church.

Tony Britt
(843) 759-2223

January 08, 2014
Church, Ministry, Education
Director for Children, Youth and Family Ministries
Meadows Presbyterian Church
Full time
Charlottesville, VA USA

This Director will serve Meadows Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) by effectively evaluating current programs and then developing, expanding and implementing new programs (as needed) for children, youth and their families in line with Session’s ministry vision, strategy, and goals for these groups.  Experience and passion for positively impacting those served should inspire children to begin exploring a living faith in Jesus Christ, challenge the youth to grow spiritually, and equip parents with tools for expanding spiritual life in the home.  The Director will also recruit, organize, train and energize volunteers at all levels to engage Meadows’ children, youth, and families.

Melanie Veliky, Director Search Committee Member

January 01, 2014
Church, Ministry
Harrisena Community Church
Full time
Queensbury, NY USA

Historic Harrisena Community Church in Queensbury, New York, seeks a full time pastor to lead our congregation of approximately 250 members; a pastor who will inspire our growing youth population, minister to our elders, and inspire all to a greater faith in God.

Candidates should have a Master of Divinity or Master of Theology degree, embrace diversity in modern Christian thinking, and be capable of energizing our congregation’s vision of discipleship.  He/she should embrace traditional and contemporary forms of worship, support active outreach to the greater community, and be creative in shaping our overall ministry.

Harrisena is an integral part of a warm and welcoming community.  The congregation currently cherishes its roots in the traditional theologies while embracing an intellectual understanding of a spirituality that affirms truth from whatever tradition or non-tradition it may come.  Additionally, the beautiful Adirondack region offers endless recreational, cultural, and relational experiences, providing an exceptional quality of life.  This dynamic position is anticipated to commence in July 2014.  Please e-mail a cover letter and resume to the Pulpit Committee at the email listed below.  For additional information visit the church website.

Peter Aust
(518) 260-4000

December 18, 2013
Church, Ministry
Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church
Full time
Albemarle, NC United States

First Baptist Church, Albemarle, NC, is seeking a dynamic pastor
with a missional mindset to partner with the congregation in its outreach mission and discipleship. We conduct primarily traditional worship services with some contemporary elements. FBC supports missions through the Stanly Baptist Association, Stanly Christian Ministry, the Baptist State and Southern Baptist Conventions, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and the Woman's Missionary Union.

We have a strong commitment to the 1963 Baptist Faith and Message. Our church ordains men and women as deacons, and both hold leadership positions. We average 150-175 in Sunday School and 200-225 in worship. We desire a pastor gifted in preaching, teaching and pastoral care, with a passion for reaching the lost and unchurched. The successful candidate should relate well to all age groups and have a seminary degree with at least 5 years of successful pastorate experience preferred.

Send letters of interest and resumes to: or to Pastor Search Committee, First Baptist Church,
202 North 2nd St., Albemarle, NC 28001.

JC Boone
(704) 982-2111

December 11, 2013
Church, Ministry
Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries
Hilldale United Methodist Church
Full time
Clarksville, Tennessee United States

    In order to fulfill our Hilldale United Methodist Church mission to “Make Disciples of Jesus Christ to Transform the World,” our Hilldale United Methodist Church Director of Youth/Young Adult Ministries will focus on the five purposes:
-    Winning our youth/young adults and their families and friends to a relationship with Jesus Christ
-    Developing their faith
-    Equipping them for ministry
-    Sending them into the world to carryout ministry
-    Glorifying God in all that they do

Our Youth/Young Adult Ministries Director will develop and work directly with our pastor and our youth leadership in implementing the above purposes with our youth/young adults.  This will include regularly scheduled meetings.  Goals and priorities will be set and reviewed regularly to better fulfill the above purposes.

Responsibilities - Youth

    Some of the ministries which may be used (but not limited to) to implement these purposes are:
-    Sunday evening UMYF meetings
-    Sunday morning Sunday School, including developing curriculum
-    The Late Show and First Call or similar ministries
-    Wonderful Wednesday classes
-    Mission opportunities and trips
-    Retreats and lock-ins
-    Special services, such as Easter Sunrise Service
-    Clarksville District and Tennessee Conference events
-    Fundraising projects

As Youth/Young Adult Director, he/she will identify, enlist, equip, develop, and guide a ministry team of adults who will work along side of the Youth Director in carrying out our Hilldale youth ministry.  This team approach will ensure the ministry will continue if any member of the team is unable to continue the ministry.

As Youth/Young Ault Director, he/she will visit our youth at youth events at schools and community gatherings.  

Responsibilities – Young Adults

    Some of the ministries which may be used (but not limited to) to implement these purposes are:

    Sunday morning Sunday School Classes for college age, careers, couples, etc.
    Small Groups outside Sunday morning
    Fellowship ministries for these groups
    Trips as appropriate
    Mission ministries for these groups

As Youth/Young Adult Director, he/she will develop a leadership team to vision, plan and implement such ministries and others for our young adults.

Responsibilities – Youth/Young Adult

As Youth/Young Adult Director, he/she will ensure weekly communications with our youth/young adults through a multitude of means such, as but not limited to, the following:

-    Youth and/or Young Adult Newsletter
-    Church Newsletter
-    Church Bulletin
-    Email
-    Web Site
-    Telephone Calls
-    Twitter
-    Facebook
-    Visits
-    Youth Events at Schools and Community Activities

He/she will make follow up contacts weekly with youth/young adults and their families who visit Hilldale.  She/he will provide “pastoral care” for the specific needs of youth/young adults by “being there” for them.  He/she will make hospital visits when youth/young adults and/or family are hospitalized in coordination with our pastor.

Be evangelistic to non-participating youth/young adults and pastoral to participating youth and young adults before and after Sunday morning worship.  Be available from time to time to take some leadership in Sunday morning worship (prayer, scripture, speaking, etc.).

Our Youth/Young Adult Director will create and publish a schedule of regular office hours.

Our Youth/Young Adult Director will work with other church staff, volunteers, boards, councils, and teams to implement the mission of Hilldale and report to the Church Council on a regular basis.

Due to our growing and dynamic environment of our church family, our Hilldale ministries continue to evolve and thus our job descriptions will continue to evolve.  As  the need arises, our Pastor may assign needed short-term tasks.  As the need arises, our Pastor and Staff Parish Relations Team may assign additional long-term tasks.

Our Hilldale United Methodist Church pastor will supervise the Youth/Young Adult Director.

Like all staff persons of Hilldale United Methodist Church, our Youth/Young Adult Director…

-    Will follow the same spiritual and moral standards set for pastors in the United Methodist Church.  
-    Will abide by the personal policies of the church.
-    Will receive a performance review after 6 months of employment and annually thereafter
-    Will receive a background check before employment is offered.

Hilldale United Methodist Church will give preference to persons who have at least an appropriate baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.

Pastor Skip Armistead
(931) 647-2249

December 10, 2013
Church, Ministry
Pastor of Youth MInistry
The River Church Community
Full time
San Jose, CA USA

(Non-ordination track candidates welcome)

Context and Purpose of Role

The River Church Community is a 250 member church located in San Jose CA. Our membership is multi-racial and skews towards professional backgrounds. We identify ourselves loosely within the “missional” Evangelical movement.
In the next several years, the spiritual vitality of The River will be greatly determined by the quality of spiritual formation of our youth. While our youth ministry already consists of 33 teens and pre-teens led by 9 adult volunteers, our demographics project us at having over 100 youth in five years.

We are creating the role of Pastor of Youth Ministry (PYM) to seize this opportunity. We are committed to developing a ministry that thoroughly integrates parents and other adults as active participants in the spiritual formation process. Building an intergenerational ministry that forms youth into the image of Christ is the primary gauge of success for this position.


1. Architect spiritual formation
We expect the PYM to design a process of spiritual formation that leads to lifelong discipleship. Our understanding is that attractive programming to draw kids into the ministry is necessary but not sufficient. The PYM must have the expertise to develop a process that includes youth appropriate expressions of Scripture study, spiritual disciplines, peer community, adult mentoring, and service.

2. Shape a culture of hospitality and outreach
The River was birthed with a mandate to reach out to and bless people beyond our church community. Given that an enormous percentage of people who become followers of Jesus do so before age 18, the PYM has a strategic opportunity to advance the church’s core mission. Therefore, we entrust the PYM with the task of fostering an environment of gospel hospitality among the youth: prayer for friends who do not go to church, generosity in invitation, and welcome to those who may not share our spiritual convictions.

3. Recruit and supervise volunteers (especially in mentoring)
Our projected demographic growth means that the PYM will never be able to be the sole or even main spiritual influence for most individuals in the ministry. The PYM must be gifted at drawing other adults into the ministry. In particular, the PYM must continue to recruit and supervise adults who will provide direct mentoring to youth. In order to lead others in the process, the PYM must possess sufficient personal gifting and experience as a youth mentor.

4. Manage the program
We anticipate the youth ministry will be programmatically complex because of the numbers of individuals involved and our vision for an intergenerational approach. The PYM must be able to provide overall management such that administrative details are handled, stakeholders are properly kept informed, overall quality is maintained, and most of all, plans are well executed. We plan to provide further administrative support as youth numbers increase, but the PYM will still be ultimately responsible for the effective functioning of the system.

5. Engage with parents
At the baseline, the PYM must keep parents well informed about the logistical details that all responsible parents care about: schedules, requirements, expectations, etc. The PYM must also be able to explain to parents the rationale for particular program elements (e.g. why the ministry is addressing sexuality). When a personal crisis emerges for the youth, this individual will help parents respond, as well as be part of the response when appropriate. Finally, in order to equip the parents’ primary role in spiritual formation, the PYM will provide parents with additional data and insight into their kids’ spiritual development.

6. Teach
The PYM should be gifted in communicating Biblical truth to youth. We believe there are a wide variety of effective teaching styles. While we believe that other adults can contribute teaching, we do believe that the successful leadership of a pastor requires the ability to teach effectively.

7. Influence the entire church
It is imperative that The River avoids youth ministry becoming its own programmatic world, separated from the rest of the church. The PYM must be an effective champion of youth to the wider church and also serve as a change agent that introduces new perspectives on how other ministries integrate youth. While the PYM focuses on youth, this person is as much a “pastor of the church” as any other pastor. The PYM is expected to care about and lead the whole congregation.

8. Deepen subject matter expertise
The PYM will be expected to be conversant in the literature around youth ministry. We are looking for a natural learner who is motivated to grow intellectually. We will invest in the ongoing education of the PYM.

Salary will range from $50,000-$60,000 depending on qualifications. Full benefits are included.


   Agreement with, and active support for, the statement of faith, values, and mission of The River Church Community

- Bachelor’s degree

- At least 4 years of experience in youth ministry as either paid staff or as a volunteer with leadership status

- Currently living or willing to relocate within a 25 mile radius of the church location

Application process
Please submit a detailed cover letter and a full CV to Both documents should be combined as one Word document with the file titled “River Youth APPLICANT NAME.”

Requests for more information can be sent to the above email address, although we cannot guarantee responses to all inquiries.

Kathleen C. ("K.C.") Yatsko
(408) 396-5474

December 10, 2013
Ministry, Non-Church
Campaign Director
New Fire for Christ
Full time
Norfolk, VA United States

The Campaign Director will set up, help lead and administrate, and follow-up evangelistic campaigns in countries around the world, such as Pakistan, India, Kenya, Tanzania, and many others.  He will work with pastors and other leaders in cities to set up meetings attended by tens of thousands of people, in order to win many to Christ and organize effective, on-going discipleship, especially in many of the least-reached nations in the world.

This position requires a whole-hearted commitment to Jesus Christ and a deep desire to obey His command to "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations" (Matt. 28:29).  Furthermore, it requires a complete dedication to New Fire for Christ.  This position is demanding and full-time, which means above and beyond 40+ hours a week! It also requires working with the staff of New Fire for Christ to raise the funds necessary to pay your salary and ministry costs.

We are looking for a humble, yet confident, young man who is willing to travel, devote his life to bringing people to Christ.  

This young man would be working closely with Dr. Bob Boyd a phenomenal evangelist and charismatic person.  He graduated from the College of William and Mary.  As a senior in college, Bob met Christ in a dramatic encounter that transformed his life.  Called to the ministry, he attended Dallas Theological Seminary and he earned his doctorate in Biblical Preaching at Asbury Seminary.  He was a pastor of a growing church on the “Walton’s Mountain” of TV fame.  Then Campus Crusade for Christ International invited Bob to join its staff as a National Speaker.  After 12 years with Cru Bob and his wife, Mallory began the Bob Boyd Evangelism Association in 1997 (now New Fire for Christ).  Dr. Boyd and the team now lead large city-wide and university-wide evangelistic campaigns around the world.  Bob has spoken to millions of people in these campaigns, but also on the radio and on TV.  Countless thousands have become active Disciples of Christ because of his passion to follow the Great Commission and truly walk in the footsteps of Paul.  Bob and Mallory have four sons and live in Norfolk, VA.   

Please send a cover letter, resume, and your salvation story to: OR
New Fire for Christ
PO Box 6171
Norfolk, VA 23508

Dr. Bob Boyd, Jr.
(757) 624-9001

December 05, 2013
Assistant Director
Judson Collins Center
Full time
Onsted, Michigan United States

The Assistant Director (AD) takes on a variety of tasks and supervisory duties over the course of the summer season. The AD will aid in overseeing the daily operation of the summer camp program including staff training, programs and scheduling, human resource matters, supervising and mentoring the counseling staff, and camper relations. The AD will assist in setting up and tearing down the camp and programs for the summer season. Other specific duties include:
• Oversee the Waterfront, Challenge Course, Farm, Craft Cabin, and Climbing Wall. Maintain paperwork, policies, and supplies. Keep up to date paperwork and supply supervision / leadership for these program areas.
• Elective and Activity Time Sessions-Set up, tear down, and facilitating the session.
• Evening Program—Co-lead, set up, tear down, and facilitate the evening programs.
• Specialty Programs—Assist counselors with prep/program aspects of specialty programs such as Dangerous/Daring Camps, etc.
• Counselor Breaks—Scheduling, designating staff to give breaks, and giving breaks.

1. Experience in camp program leadership and management of similar environment is preferred. Familiarity with American Camp Association (ACA) is helpful.
2. A mature adult, minimum age 21, with a commitment to the Christian faith and lifestyle, and an understanding of the United Methodist Church. A person who is able to actively embrace and model the goals and desired values of the Board of Outdoor and Retreat Ministry (BORM).
3. A self-starting person with the ability to establish a schedule, manage time and a willingness to follow and/or give directions and work as a team member. A willingness to ask for assistance when needed or desired.
4. Good physical health with the ability to perform the essential functions of the position.
5. Ability to work well with children, youth, young adults, and a variety of adults.
6. A Waterfront Lifeguard certification, experience as a lifeguard is essential. Experience facilitating group building activities in a challenge course or high ropes and valid driver’s license with a good driving record is preferred.

Application Instructions:
You will need to fill out the employment application, three employment references (preferably one should be filled out by a Pastor or Youth Leader who knows you well), the criminal records check, and the DHS Clearance Form.
All application forms can be found at:

Please mail forms to:
Attn: Sarah Ratz
Judson Collins Center
1000 Hane Hwy.
Onsted, MI 49265

Sarah Ratz
(517) 467-7711

December 05, 2013
Grounds/Maintenance Assistant
Judson Collins Center
Full time
Onsted, Michigan United States

The Grounds/Maintenance Assistants are directly supervised by, and accountable to the Property Manager. The Property Manager on a regular basis will determine duties and assignments. Responsibilities may include general camp maintenance and repair, mowing, trimming, painting, custodial/housekeeping work, grounds care and pest control.

The Grounds/Maintenance Assistant must be at least 16 years of age (18 to live on site and to operate some equipment), be in good health, physically able to do some lifting and carrying, preferably hold a valid Driver’s License, have some experience operating mowers, trimmers and other small equipment, and basic experience in minor building care and maintenance. Previous experience and knowledge of minor maintenance, painting or repair work is helpful.  

Application Instructions:
You will need to fill out the employment application, three employment references (preferably one should be filled out by a Pastor or Youth Leader who knows you well), the criminal records check, and the DHS Clearance Form.
All application forms can be found at:

Please mail forms to:
Attn: Sarah Ratz
Judson Collins Center
1000 Hane Hwy.
Onsted, MI 49265

Sarah Ratz
(517) 467-7711