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Below are specific job listings, including positions at Duke Divinity School, that have been submitted to the school.

July 06, 2015
Ministry, Non-Church, Missions
Prison Chaplain
Alamance-Orange Prison Ministry
Full time
Hillsborough, NC USA

The Chaplain serves as the executive director of the Alamance/Orange Prison Ministry by fulfilling responsibilities in the correctional center, churches, and the community at large.  Orange Correctional Center in Hillsborough, NC  is an adult male, minimum custody, state prison with a regular population of 180 inmates and an additional 40 inmates temporarily assigned to a restricted housing facility. The work of this position focuses on direct ministry to and with inmates, their families, institutional staff, and volunteers.  Duties are in four categories: ministry, volunteers, administration, and community relations.  This is accomplished by providing counsel, planning programs, supervising volunteers, and engaging the local community.  The Chaplain performs these and other assigned duties under the direction of the board of directors and in accordance with the needs of the Superintendent and policies of the NC Department of Public Safety (NCDPS).



-Counsel inmates, their families, institutional staff, and volunteers.
-Make regular rounds through the detention center and correctional center.
-Plan, organize, and direct programs including: Yokefellows, Bible studies, family days, One Day with God, and outside speakers.
-Plan, schedule and coordinate worship services.
-Assist institutional officials with issues which affect human relations and morale.
-Plan, lead, host, and coordinate Bible studies.
-Assist the continued establishment and nurturing of the transition services ministry.


-Consult with the principle offices of the Correctional Center in order to coordinate volunteer participation in worship services, discipleship activities, Bible studies, and other religious programs.
-Take an active leadership role in the recruitment and development of volunteers.
-Supervise and evaluate volunteer participation in worship services, discipleship activities, transition programs, Bible studies, and other programs.


-Assist the various committees of the Board of Directors.
-Help facilitate communication between the Board of Directors, institutional staff, volunteers, churches, and the community.
-Work with staff and board members to plan board functions and meetings.
-Provide the Board of Directors with regular ministry reports.
-Discuss issues of morale, staff relations, professional development, job responsibilities, and inmate issues through individual and full-staff meetings at the Correctional Center.

Community Relations:

-Promote the ministry and enlist prayer, financial and volunteer support by speaking to church and community groups.
-Attend local ministers’ conferences/gatherings on a regular basis.
-Consult, enlist, and support area clergy, laypersons, and community leaders in an effort to support the operation and funding of the Alamance/Orange Prison Ministry.
-Assist in the planning, preparation, and carrying out of specific community development events with board members and volunteers. This includes annual fundraising events, newsletters, and appeal letters.


-Theological competence: The NCDPS recognizes 13 different faith groups and requires that any chaplain should be willing and prepared to assist all inmates in their faith practice.
-Considerable knowledge of the principles and methods of clinical pastoral care and the role of the chaplain in an institutional setting.
-Ability to plan, organize and develop a comprehensive pastoral care program.
-Ability to deal harmoniously with residents, their relatives, staff, and volunteers.
-Ability to express oneself clearly in oral and written form.

Graduation from a recognized school of theology and ordination as clergy in good standing with one’s denomination; satisfactory completion of two years of clinical pastoral education in a recognized training program, or two years of full-time pastoral education in a recognized training program, or two years of full-time institutional experience as a clinical chaplain, or four years of experience as a parish clergyperson, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Please submit resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to

Alamance Orange Prison Ministry, Inc.
P.O. Box 9932
Chapel Hill, NC  27515-9932

Kris Zyczkiewicz

July 06, 2015
Church, Administration, Church, Ministry, Counseling, Education, Health & Medical, Ministry, Non-Church, Missions, Social Work, Other
College Consultation Application Mentor
Part time
houston, Texas USA

What is DearMentor
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Mentors help mentees with proofreading and polishing essays/resumes, providing suggestions on school application and do mock interview. You will be able to decide and set up services as you prefer.  

Qualified mentors should possess following skills/characteristics
•    excellent writing skills and professional English
•    familiar with school application process and curriculum selection
•    having expert insights on the admission process
•    completing required tasks on tight deadlines according to mentees’ needs
•    friendly, patience, talented, motivated, responsible

At, mentors can choose and design services to provide. The main categories of services to provide include: college application consultation, personal statement editing, resume editing, mock interview and etc. You will be able to set prices for your services and manage your schedule freely on Some mentors can earn up to $2000 per month of extra revenues by signing up to be a mentor at

You will be able to withdraw cash from our back-desk. We will collect the withdrawal requests, and pay directly to your account through PayPal or Alipay the next Monday after the service is done.

Job Location
You can work from wherever you want. Work is conducted remotely through web platform and APP correspondence.

If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at

Abby Wu

July 06, 2015
Church, Ministry
Youth Director, Part-time
St. James United Methodist Church
Part time
Raleigh, NC USA

St. James UMC, Raleigh, NC is seeking a part-time Youth Director for 15 hours/week. Please send resumes to

Job Duties:
Plan and implement overall youth program; to include discipleship, mission, worship and fellowship
Spend time in the schools building relationships with the kids
Recruit, train and empower volunteer youth workers
Identify challenges in the youth ministry area and assume responsibility for seeking resolution to those challenges.
Develop Evangelism and Christian formation for youth and their families
Share and coordinate participation in District and Conference Youth events
Coordinate all types of communication with: Staff and volunteers, Youth and their families, St. James Congregation, Capital District and NC Annual Conference, City

Job Requirements:
A calling to youth ministry and enjoyment of middle school and high school students
A team player able to work effectively with other staff and adult volunteers including parents
An understanding of Methodist theology and practice
Master of Religious Education or equivalent or in active pursuit
1 year or more in leadership of youth and missions, employed or volunteer
Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
Computer literate to include Microsoft Office Suite and other software
Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task
Ability to work independently and manage responsibilities as a team member without supervision
Ability to keep and respect confidentiality of church business and its members
Ability to adapt and expand models of ministry for changing nature of youth ministry

Kim Lamb

July 06, 2015
Church, Ministry
Non-traditional worship music leader
St. James United Methodist Church
Part time
Raleigh, NC USA

Job Description:
Common Thread is the 9:45 nontraditional weekly worship service. The Band is an ensemble group with several vocalists and keyboards/guitars/bass/drums/flute instruments. It is not a typical one leader with backup singers. The Music Leader for this service is a member of the church staff and is responsible for music selection, recruiting and auditioning band members, working with the band in worship preparation, and leading music in the weekly service.

Job requirements:
• A Christian person with a calling to worship leadership
• A strong team player, working well with other staff and volunteers
• Someone who understands the role of music in worship
• A music degree or equivalent in experience in church-based music ministry
• Plays at least one of the core instruments in a worship band

Job Duties:
• Works with the pastor to schedule and select music for the weekly services.
• Is a member of the Worship Team, participating in service design.
• Recruits qualified band members, both instrumental and vocal.
• Conducts weekly rehearsals of the band and ensures that music is prepared for Sunday services.
• Identifies challenges in the Common Thread ministry area and assumes responsibility for seeking resolution of those challenges.
• Works with other members of the music staff to maintain music equipment.
• Works with sound system leaders to optimize sound in Carson Hall.
• Works with other members of the music staff to maintain the music library for Common Thread. Seeks appropriate instrumental/vocal music for a nontraditional service.
• Is a member of the St. James UMC staff and participates in staff functions as appropriate and needed.

Please submit resumes to

Kim Lamb

July 06, 2015
Church, Ministry
Lead Pastor of Ministry
Mars Hill Bible Church
Full time
Grandville, MI USA

Qualifications & Experience Professional: Experience in Collaborative Leadership. Demonstrated wisdom and discernment; spiritual, emotional, cultural and relational maturity. Ability to thrive in a high touch environment-deriving energy from and drawing others into relationships. Effective organizational and administrative skills. Ability to unite staff and volunteers around a common mission and to appropriately delegate authority and responsibility to achieve that mission. Passion for excellence in both oral and written communication. Ability to engage difficult issues and individuals, courageously shepherding people toward wholeness. Interest in and ability to lead cultural competency and in a culturally competent manner.

Education requirements: Master's degree in a ministry-related field. Minimum of 5 years of pastoral experience. Knowledge of and exposure to a broad range of pastoral care ministries.

Knowledge & Competency Requirements: Theological/philosophical/formational: A worldview that is aligned with the vision, mission, directions, and narrative theology of Mars Hill. Able to synthesize and think critically about theological, formational, developmental, and sociological issues associated with the church. Able to understand, appreciate and implement collaborative transitions within all ministries. Ability to teach the Mars Hill community 6-8 times a year during Sunday service. Personal: Demonstrates a deep love and commitment to Christ; commitment to spiritual growth, formation and discipleship. Deep love and commitment of the Church and its redemptive work in the world [globally] and in its local communities [Mars Hill/West Michigan]. Models an inspirational/aspirational life centered on following Jesus as his disciple and in service to others. Practices a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Provide leadership and governance to the staff through a collaborative model that is inclusive of the skills, gifts, and talents found in the body of believers. a. Serve as the link between the Board of Elders and staff; the voice of the Ministry Leadership Team [MLT] to the Board of Elders and accountable to the Board of Elders. b. Lead collaboratively with the MLT to achieve the mission and vision of Mars Hill. c. Facilitate MLT meetings; collaborate with the MLT to formulate team agendas. d. Facilitate collaboration among all Ministries within a flat structure environment. e. Ensure effective program operations and outcomes. f. Prepare, in collaboration with the Chair of the Board of Elders, for Executive Elder and Full Elder meetings.

2. Champions the mission and vision of Mars Hill for all to see: a. Model Christ-centered leadership: relationally focused and empowering of people's gifts and talents. b.Teach the Mars Hill community during Sunday  Services 6-8 times a year. c. Value, understand and engage in a wide variety of relationships [complex, nuanced, simple] in a way that demonstrates that all people are heard, appreciated, encouraged, challenged and valued. d. Coordinate and integrate activity among the shared governance sub-teams, ministries and Mars Hill community.

3. Expect and support integration between teachings and on-going activities of Mars Hill: a.Work collaboratively with the Teaching Pastor, staff and volunteer leaders to create, guide and articulate Mars Hill's teaching arcs, ensuring harmony with Mars Hill's narrative theology, mission and vision. b. Collaborate with the Teaching Pastor to provide learning opportunities to Mars Hill community, staff and Elders. c. Mentor guide and encourage staff and guest teachers in order to develop their personal and Mars Hill's teaching capabilities, competency, quality and capacity.

4. Create a staff culture that demonstrates the value of all people: a. Facilitate a culture of pastoral care among staff and community. b. Uncover and utilize the various skills, gifts and talents among staff. c. Help to attract, retain and develop staff. d. Provides a framework and tools for staff reporting and evaluation.

Kindra Tanis

July 06, 2015
Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry
First United Methodist Church
Part time
Washington, NC USA

      FUMC is seeking a full-time Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry.  This person will give direction to the entire educational ministry of the congregation as it pertains to youth and children.  The ideal candidate should have a BS or AB degree in Christian Education or similar discipline and embrace United Methodist doctrine and theology.  Three plus years in a church setting is a plus.  Applicants may email resume and references to:  Rev. Danny Allen


      First Church Washington, N.C. is a large downtown church of 2000 plus members. We have three services each Sunday, one traditional, one blended and one contemporary. We have a pre-school and a year round childcare program.

Rev. Danny Allen

June 26, 2015
Church, Administration
Parish Administrator
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church
Part time
Durham, North Carolina USA

Parish Administrator, part-time
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Durham, NC is seeking an experienced parish administrator to serve as a catalyst to administer, support, and encourage the broad scope of ministry and service at Grace Lutheran Church. The church’s mission is to live and teach, by the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s love, grace, and forgiveness through Jesus Christ. The parish administrator is a key part of making this mission a reality in the lives of members and in our larger communities. This person will coordinate, support, and encourage all the parish ministries. They will manage the daily functions of the church office along with the flow of communication and visitors. This person will recruit and involve volunteers to accomplish all of these services. In addition, they will provide regular support to the staff which includes the Pastor, the Preschool and its director, and the Music Ministry. This person will use the Parish Administrator Support Group as a sounding board to help accomplish these tasks. Partnering with this group will help the administrator process requests, set priorities, discern appropriate actions to take, and generally provide support.
The successful candidate will be self-motivated with a professional demeanor and presence, positive attitude, strong work ethic, the ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality, and excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills. He/she must possess strong organizational skills, proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and desktop publishing required; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and web page skills a plus. This person must be able to multitask, be flexible, and relate well to other church staff, congregants, and visitors. Associate’s or B.A. preferred. This is a part-time hourly position averaging 25-29 hours per week.
Interested candidates should submit a cover letter outlining their interest in the position and the gifts and skills they possess along with a resume and salary requirements. NO phone calls. Applications will be accepted by email only and will be reviewed as received. Please send cover letter and resume to:

Susan Kesti

June 26, 2015
Church, Ministry
Minister/Director of Youth Ministry
Dewitt Community Church
Full time
Dewitt, NY United States

Dewitt Community Church is looking for a full-time Minister/Director of Youth Ministries to work with

current staff in providing outstanding ministry to a growing congregation in beautiful Central New York.

● have passion for youth ministry, developing relationships with youth and their families, and

accompanying youth on their journey of faith

● have a strong and growing personal faith, basic biblical knowledge, and theology consistent with Dewitt Community Church
● possess strong leadership and leadership development skills
● be consistently energetic and enthusiastic about youth ministry
● be open and welcoming to youth and their families
● work well independently and on a team
● possess strong communication skills (written, oral, social media, etc.)
● be adaptable, flexible, and creative
● possess outstanding interpersonal skills, with ability to recruit, equip, and organize others
● have a genuine interest in students’ lives and willingness to get involved in the community
● demonstrate basic knowledge of youth development
● planning and leadership of regular youth ministry activities, including but not limited to: youth programs, summer activities, annual mission trips, local mission opportunities, retreats,fundraisers, youth worship, youth Sunday school and Sunday worship services
● incorporate students into all areas of church life (as appropriate), advocating for youth in all levels of church leadership
● develop and lead leadership teams of youth, parents, and volunteers
● keep track of students’ needs and provide both proactive care as appropriate
● help students develop relationships with God, each other, and adults in the congregation
● plan and lead confirmation
● adhere to and promote the church’s child protection policy

If this sounds like the job for you, please send cover letter and resume to

Dot Hall

June 26, 2015
Church, Ministry
Youth Fellowship Coordinator
Western Boulevard Presbyterian Church
Part time
Raleigh, NC USA

Personal Qualifications:
    Strong faith in Jesus Christ, filled with joy, hope, and curiosity
    Bachelor’s degree (or at least working toward a college degree)
    Experience in working with youth (and great desire to do so!)
    Strong communication and organizational skills

    Flexible schedule to average 15 hours per week (mid-August thru mid-June)

    $10,000-$12,000 based on qualifications/experience
    Pastor through the Christian Education Committee


A. Ministry to Youth:
 Coordinate Youth Fellowship activities for 6th-12th grades, creating the right balance
     of spiritual nurture, service opportunities, and fellowship/recreation.
 Make contact with youth outside of church activities (call inactive or visiting youth,  call/visit those who are sick or experiencing crisis, etc.)
 Supervise and support adults helping with youth activities.
 Offer leadership in youth Sunday School as needed.
 Strive to keep youth engaged in denominational activities, retreats & conferences.
 Plan and coordinate at least one weekend retreat for youth of WBPC.
 Coordinate and plan mission projects/trips and others events which strengthen and  
     promote the mission of the church and service to Christ.
 Strive to nurture leadership skills in the youth; in particular, implement and oversee a Youth Council that meets regularly for reflection and planning.
Plan (with youth) and execute Youth Sunday in the spring, in coordination with the music directors and pastors. Encourage youth presence and participation in worship throughout the year.

B.  Administrative:
1.  Utilize social media/electronic communication to contact and connect with youth AND
     parents on a weekly basis regarding youth activities.
2.  Compose regular announcements for weekly bulletins, weekly congregational
     emails, and monthly newsletter
3.  Manage the income and expenses for all youth ministry budget line items.

C.  General:
Attend worship as often as possible.
Attend Christian Education Committee meetings as needed.

*If interested, please contact Betty Connette:

Rev. Betty Connette

June 26, 2015
Senior Director of Education and Leadership
General Commission on the Status and Role of Women
Full time
Chicago, Illinois USA

please see for detail description

Elaine Moy