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Below are specific job listings, including positions at Duke Divinity School, that have been submitted to the school.

December 08, 2014
Health & Medical, Ministry, Non-Church, Missions
Director, Community Health & Values Integration
Centura Health (St. Catherine Hospital)
Full time
Garden City, KS USA

This position will be utilized by and applies to Catholic Health Initiative sponsored entities and service lines.

Reporting to the President/CEO of the Operating Group and Hospital, the Director provides leadership in assuring the strategic and operational integration of mission as a core business process. The Director is responsible for St. Catherine, St. Rose, and other acquired entities in the Kansas Region.

The Director, Community Health and Values Integration plays a key role in shaping the culture of the group and hospital, a culture grounded in Centura Health’s core values of Integrity, Stewardship, Spirituality, Respect, Imagination, Excellence and Compassion and expressed in spirituality reflective of the heritage and faith traditions on which Centura Health and Catholic Health Initiatives were founded.  The Director, CHVI will collaborate with others in the development of new ministries and measurable outcomes to promote community health improvement in alignment with both system and local hospital goals.

Education Requirements:
Master’s Degree, preferably in theology or health-related specialty, with a working knowledge of health care operations and finance, public health tenets, government affairs, and health care trends and issues.

Work Experience Requirements:
At least three years responsibility and success in management positions.

Conversant with Catholicism and with experience in Catholic health care; a demonstrated familiarity with a diversity of spiritualities and ecumenism; the knowledge and ability to work effectively within the framework of the Catholic church; and alignment with the mission of Centura Health and CHI.

Leadership experience accompanied by the ability to work effectively with groups and in a complex and matrixed organizational structure.

A working knowledge of health care ethics and the “Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services” (ERDs).

A working knowledge of public health tenets and demonstrated experience in community development

Experience in change management and leading diverse disparate groups toward common goals

Solid understanding of corporate structure and relationships; a dedicated Christian with a profound understanding of the Catholic culture; has the ability to delegate, organize and enable people to effectively accomplish their tasks; ability to plan, organize and implement or teach spiritually – or behaviorally – oriented programs; articulates the faith experience and gospel values in understanding terms to diverse groups; and, generates enthusiasm and inspires confidence and support.

Position Duties:

Department Services:
•Advises and assists President/CEO in the responsibilities of Mission.  Works with CEOs to ensure their success on the Mission & Community Health dashboard.
•Works with staff at each hospital to complete Community Health Improvement Plans annually.
•Articulates and embodies the healing ministry of Centura Health and CHI to employees and the hospital’s publics; understands, promotes and interprets the mission and values of Centura Health and ensures their application to organizational policies; creates an environment which encourages pride and ownership in the mission, and develop programs and opportunities to advance the desired culture of the hospital.
•As a Director, participates in decision-making by assisting with application of Centura Health’s core values, organizational and social ethics in key processes such as (a) business, financial and human resources policy and planning agendas, (b) the organization’s vision and strategic plan, (c) the development of budgets, (d) the development of Human Resources systems, (e) and presenting regular Mission in-services to senior management, boards and physicians.
•Develops/sustains an operational vision and programming goals for Centura Health’s key indicators for Mission effectiveness. (a) Leadership and Mission Leadership Development, (b) Orientation to Centura’s Distinctive Culture, (c) Pastoral/Spiritual Care, (d) Holistic Approach to Health Care Delivery, (e) Workplace Spirituality, (f) Ethics, (g) Healthy Communities, (h) International Missions, and (i) Mission & Values Accountability.
•Responsible for coordinating all Mission functions, that is, (a) develops and implements a performance plan and annually evaluates it, in collaboration with the President/CEO and Senior Vice President of Community Health and Values Integration, (b) develops teams as needed to assist with Mission functions, (c) serves as appropriate on multiple cross-departmental/interdisciplinary teams, (d) creates rituals, reflections, ceremonies for the group’s times of celebrations and transitions, (e) develops mission presentations/educational programs that regularly inspire associates, (f) participates in the development of interdisciplinary teams.
•Oversight of Community Benefit and Community Health Improvement for Kansas facilities, ensuring appropriate infrastructure and alignment with Group and market needs as well as Centura Health goals. Represents Kansas facilities as a member of the system Community Benefit Advisory Council.
•Develops innovative community based programs to address community needs in a sustainable fashion.
•Develop and participate in insurance enrollment efforts at the local and system level.
•Develops strong and meaningful relationships with community groups and social service agencies in the hospitals service areas.
•Analyzes hospital and publically reportable community health data to determine trends and community health needs and develops sustainable programs to address unmet needs.
•Embodies social justice principles and advocates on behalf of vulnerable populations in a manner consistent with hospitals strategic aims.
•Provides leadership in ensuring that excellent pastoral/spiritual care is integrated within the continuum of care, and where possible, engages the local churches in the health care ministry.
•Provides leadership in development and leading a group-wide spirituality in the workplace initiatives.  Delegates tasks for the initiative to local leadership team.
•Responsible for cultivating spirituality in the workplace.  Plans, organizes and delegates prayer services, reflection and employee enrichment programs, and provides leadership for spiritual feast days celebrations.
•Provides the oversight, guidance, and resources to ensure that the ethics function operate at an optimal level within the total Group at both a clinical and organizational level. Represents the Group as a member of the system Ethics Advisory Council.
•Participates through a representative on the hospital’s IRB (Institutional Review Board).
•Builds rapport with the Medical Staff.  Offers regular educational opportunities for the formation and understanding of the Centura mission, core values and the “Ethical and Religious Directives for Health Care Services” (ERDs).
•Prepares regular reports for the CEO for presentation to the Board of Directors on mission integration activities; orients new Board members to the Centura mission and values; and, in collaboration with the CEO, facilitates dialogue with Board members about mission-related issues.
•Participates and communicates with local faith communities and other agencies providing care to promote advocacy on behalf of poor and disadvantaged persons.
•Builds rapport with the local Bishop/s in whose diocesan jurisdiction each of the Group’s hospitals lie.
•Is an active oversight leader in the Group hospitals in the interpretation and ongoing improvement of satisfaction, engagement and culture improvement for our associates, physicians as a means of advancing desired culture.

Financial Management:
•Looks for opportunities to instruct staff in appropriate utilization of resources effectively and efficiently.
•Develops and follows a departmental budget, and ensures appropriate use of all resources.

Human Resources Management:
•Involved in the hiring process of new senior level employees of the department, and ensures that orientation of all senior level associates is effective and complete.
•Exemplifies the vision and mission to staff, provides positive reinforcement, and encourages teamwork inter and intra departmentally.
•Demonstrates skills of delegation and direction to others, utilizing good working relationship and communication behaviors.
•Seeks ongoing continuing education opportunities to improve the overall knowledge base of the department.
•Responsible for developing talent as part of succession planning.

Performance Improvement Leadership:
•Initiates and develops the PI program within the department.
•Supports and encourages staff involvement in the facility-wide PI program.
•Act as resource to staff for PI education.
•Motivates staff to take an active role in planning, developing and assessing PI projects.
Other Responsibilities:
•Values Behaviors:  It is essential that all employees are able to support the values of Centura Health. Each person is expected to interact effectively with physicians, patients, visitors, and staff, as well as demonstrate a commitment to service, hospital values, and professionalism through appropriate conduct and demeanor at all times.
* This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties.  Employee may perform other related duties as assigned.


We extend the healing ministry of Christ by caring for those who are ill and by nurturing the health of the people of our communities.

Integrity:  Honesty, directness, and respect for commitments made.
Stewardship:  Respectful use of all natural, human and financial resources.
Spirituality:  Acknowledgment of its central role in facilitating mental, physical and emotional health.
Imagination:  Creativity and innovation in all we do.
Respect:  Respect for all persons and our Christian identify, heritage and missions of our sponsoring organizations.
Excellence:  Striving to exceed the clinical quality, customer service and cost performance expectations of our customers.
Compassion: Sensitivity and responsiveness to persons in need.
Leadership: Uses appropriate interpersonal skills, styles and methods to guide individuals and/or groups toward organizational and department goal achievement.  Develops positive working relationships with physicians, staff and community partners.  Models behaviors in support of the mission of Centura.
Individual Effectiveness:  Develops and maintains a team-oriented approach.  Follows through on commitments while performing job responsibilities in a manner consistent with the organization’s mission and values.  Uses resources effectively and efficiently while implementing strategies to increase revenue and reduce operational expenses.
Customer Service/Satisfaction:  Seeks to provide services that exceed the expectations of customers by; anticipating and responding to customer/associate needs, measuring customer service via surveys, developing action plans to positively impact customer/associate satisfaction and integrating a service focus into daily routines.
Teamwork and Collaboration:  Models teamwork via active participation as a team member on a departmental and organizational level, fosters collaboration among physicians and associates, recognizes and rewards the efforts and successes of individuals and teams.  Seeks alliances, works well with others and strives to pursue collective goals.  This competency includes building relationships, addressing conflict, collaboration with others, and creating a highly effective team.
Business Acumen:  Understand Centura’s business model, industry and marketplace; demonstrates the cognitive ability to assess situations, diagnose problems and determine and appropriate course of action to enhance the effectiveness of the organization and in alignment with core values.
Change Management/Continuous Performance Improvement:  Demonstrates the ability and willingness to continually enhance, improve and streamline operational processes and systems.
Engagement:  Builds effective relationships with all others by willing the good of the other at all times.  Uses effective listening and empathy and asks questions to understand what it is like to walk in another’s shoes.  Creates and maintains a safe environment for conveying information openly, accurately and honestly, creates a common understanding amongst all parties.
Self-Management:  Understand own strengths, growth opportunities, attributes, and emotions; models courage, authenticity, service, truth telling, love, and effectiveness; possesses the confidence in self to have confidence in others.
Developing Others:  Provides development opportunities and supports others in their personal and professional objectives by offering and feed-forward and by creating a safe environment to be honest and take risks.

Catherine Bader

December 05, 2014
Church, Administration
CEO, United Methodist Communications
United Methodist Communications
Full time
Nashville, TN US

United Methodist Communications is responsible for creating global communication strategies to meet the public relations, marketing and communication needs of The United Methodist Church.

We inspire, inform and engage our audiences, and deliver messages of hope and healing on behalf of the people of The United Methodist Church. We work to increase awareness and visibility of the denomination in communities around the globe, providing a voice for the church and telling stories of how United Methodists serve around the world.

United Methodist Communications uses research regarding the needs, perceptions and preferences of its audiences and metrics to build and strengthen the foundation of its communications and program development.

Effective communication is vital to help churches grow into inviting and inspiring places to worship where congregations are fully engaged in mission and outreach.


United Methodist Communications provides services, tools, training, products, partnership grants and other resources for communication ministry, working collaboratively with other agencies, regional conferences and local churches.

United Methodist Communications provides content that is timely, topical and theologically grounded through the denomination’s official website,, United Methodist News Service, the award-winning Interpreter magazine, a monthly e-newsletter, Spanish- and Korean-language publications, and other channels. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, and YouTube, we provide an interactive avenue for people around the world to connect with The United Methodist Church.

Advancements in technology have created new opportunities to use communication to improve the quality of people’s lives in developing countries through information that empowers them to stay healthy, get an education and make a living. The ICT4D (Information and Communications Technology for Development) program uses new technology in ways that expand the church’s ability to communicate globally and provide access to information in remote areas of the developing world.

The Rethink Church campaign reaches out to people seeking a spiritual connection to help bring them into a relationship with Jesus Christ through local churches. This movement centers on life-changing service and outreach that takes church outside buildings and into communities.

Through Imagine No Malaria, an extraordinary ministry of the people of The United Methodist Church, we are working to raise $75 million to improve health infrastructure and eliminate preventable death and suffering from malaria in Africa.


The General Commission on Communication (United Methodist Communications) is charged with the task of meeting the communication, public relations and marketing needs of the entire Church and reflecting the cultural and racial diversity within The United Methodist Church. United Methodist Communications provides resources and services to local churches and annual conferences. United Methodist Communications also has a consultative relationship with all general agencies of the Church and with any structure for communication and public relations at the jurisdictional, episcopal area, annual conference, district, or local church level.

This governing body consists of members selected from each of the jurisdictional conferences and from the central conferences, so that its members represent the diversity of our global church. The commission meets at least once each year to review the work of the agency as well as make decisions about the direction of the agency's work for the coming year.


The staff of United Methodist Communications is passionate about telling the story of the church and helping you strengthen the Church’s ministry of making disciples of Jesus Christ.


Centered in Christ, committed to excellence, United Methodist Communications informs, inspires and engages the people of The United Methodist Church and the World. The United Methodist Communications’ goal is to help The United Methodist Church tell its story.


The General Secretary will provide strategic communications leadership for The United Methodist Church and lead United Methodist Communications, working with the General Commission on Communication and the executive leadership team to develop strategic plans and policies for the agency. The General Secretary will be expected to collaborate with denominational leaders and external partners, ensuring that the denomination’s message is focused, relevant and presented effectively.

Essential Job Functions

•    Oversee a multimillion-dollar budget and approximately 90 staff.

•    Supervise the Chief Operating Officer and five Executive Directors: (1) Executive Director, Content, (2) Executive Director, Global Health Initiative, (3) Executive Director, Marketing Strategy, (4) Executive Director, Conference Relations Communications, and (5) Executive Director, Human Resources. These positions are responsible for major units of the agency.

-    The Chief Operating Officer (COO) manages (directly and/or indirectly) Rethink Church, Training, Connectional Giving, Financial Services, Building and Print Operations, Customer Service, Operations, Brand Marketing, ICT4D, Research, Public Information, InfoServ, Technology and Web Ministry, TechShop and the Foundation and leads the overall development of agency strategic planning and evaluation for all teams.

-    The Content Team includes several teams that create or process material and resources for The United Methodist Church, United Methodist Communications constituents and external audiences. Those teams are General Church Content, Interpreter, Central Conference Content, Hispanic Communications, Korean Communications, Digital Assets Management and Photography. United Methodist News Service is a separate function that interacts with the team and is overseen by the Executive Director of Content. The General Secretary is publisher of both

Interpreter and UMNS.

-    The Global Health Initiative Team raises funds to support the denomination’s initiative to eliminate suffering from malaria (Imagine No Malaria campaign) and other diseases of poverty.

-    The Marketing Strategy Team comprises sub-teams called the Strategic Marketing team and team. The Strategic Marketing team is responsible for marketing and promoting the various programs, products and services that the agency offers to its constituents, such as publications, calendars, Rethink Church products, Imagine No Malaria and ICT4D. The team also provides these services to several external clients. In addition, it produces the MyCom e-newsletter and provides agency email marketing and database management. The team is responsible for the largest denominational website and meeting the needs of its varied audiences through site design, content and the technology behind it.

-    The Conference Relations and Production Team’s work includes building relationships with bishops, conference staff, district superintendents and local pastors in the 57 annual conferences located within the United States. This includes promoting the work of United Methodist Communications and finding opportunities to partner with others on all levels of the Church. The production department has full-service audio and video facilities including multiple edit bays. It provides start-to-finish services (concept development, script writing, camera operation, lighting, teleprompters, audio production, editing, and duplication services) for a variety of clients within The United Methodist Church and the secular community.

-    The Human Resources Team provides support to all of the other major areas by assisting with staff searches for the best candidates for open positions, providing suggested training avenues, and assisting with overall human resources management (staffing, payroll, benefits, evaluation, etc.). It also works with the executive leadership to help integrate a HR management system into the development of agency strategies.

•    Project a coherent and clear image for the Church in the public media.

•    Lead the agency in developing cross platform multimedia advertising and marketing.

•    Solicit and enhance partnerships and collaborations with other general church agencies, annual conferences, local churches and external partners.

•    Explore new, effective ways of marketing Church funds and promoting benevolent causes.

•    Assess the internal organization and make recommendations to the Commission.

•    Stay abreast of the concerns of the Church.

•    Maintain ongoing contact with persons within The United Methodist Church and have a high degree of external and public contact. Serve as the representative of the agency or the United Methodist Church with the authority to make commitments.

Major Accountabilities

•    Provide chief administrative, management and executive leadership for the agency.

•    Provide leadership that seeks to enhance the mission of the denomination and keep the people of the Church informed and excited about the communications ministry.


•    Engage employees to a higher degree with a focus on improving business results and developing innovative ideas that will advance communications capabilities.

•    Develop a culture of ownership and accountability with leaders, enhancing their skill level and motivating their teams to improve and excel.

•    Improve metrics to help manage operational efficiencies for the business.

•    Establish oneself, internally and externally, as the resident expert for the communications ministry of The United Methodist Church.

•    Develop a new point of view on the business going forward.

•    A deep, abiding Christian faith and commitment to the mission of The United Methodist Church.

•    A lay or clergy member of The United Methodist Church.

•    Proven skills as a strategist, planner and thinker to ensure the communication needs of The United Methodist Church are met with strong, theologically based communications and marketing strategic plans.

•    A working knowledge of and sensitivity to the structure, polity and heritage of the denomination and its theological orientation and Social Principles.

•    Excellent listening, presentation, writing and oral communication skills.

•    Strong spiritual grounding with solid theological understanding.

•    Strong interpersonal skills and the capacity to lead a highly creative and innovative staff.

•    Visionary leadership to unite people together for a common purpose.

•    A strong record of recruiting, developing, supervising and evaluating a talented, diverse staff, including men and women from various racial and ethnic backgrounds.

•    The ability to lead United Methodist Communications in examining and determining its place in an increasingly global Church.

•    A demonstrated understanding of the complexity of communications and a willingness to lead the Church in using various forms of communication, including print, broadcast media production, publications and digital media.

•    An understanding of media technologies and a willingness to learn in a rapidly changing environment.

•    Strong goal-oriented management skills, an understanding of fundraising, and the ability to manage a diverse organization with a complex budget.

•    A demonstrated responsibility for a broad range of functional activities, up to and including entire agency operations.

•    Experience making strategic policy decisions; organizational impact can be far-reaching.

•    Experience managing subordinate managers; establishing objectives/providing general direction to areas.

•    Possession of hiring, discipline, and promotion authority. Experience conducting performance appraisals and reviewing appraisals completed by others.

•    Consistent sensitivity, skill and persuasiveness to influence persons with different perspectives in situations involving difficult negotiations.

•    A well-developed sense of strategy and timing to obtain results, including situations with critical and/or upset constituents/customers.

•    Experience operating within and across multiple teams—leading and coordinating the efforts of multiple teams to achieve results.
•    Ability to analyze and interpret a wide variety of situations and elements and apply advanced and specialized knowledge to problem solutions (significant intangibles or uncertainties to consider).

•    A demonstrated responsibility for producing new, imaginative or innovative solutions and conceptual approaches in services, programs and issues.

•    Complex skill using all tools/media with regularity to provide or exchange information that is sensitive and/or difficult in nature.

•    Experience and ability to work with a board of directors.


•    This position requires extensive knowledge and experience in the area of communications, comparable to a Ph.D. or at least 10 years equivalent experience in mass communications or a related field.

Kathleen Schultze
(312) 782-1581

December 03, 2014
Church, Ministry
Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries
Oak Ridge UMC
Full time
Oak Ridge, NC United States

Oak Ridge United Methodist Church (ORUMC) is seeking candidates for the full-time position of Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. The purpose of this job is to glorify God and His kingdom through service and dedication to the ministry programs assigned to meet the needs of the congregation of ORUMC and the surrounding community.

The Director’s principal assignments include establishing vibrant ministries that teach Christian discipleship and lead the youth and young adults to a relationship with Jesus Christ. These ministries seek to address the needs of students in middle school, high school, and college as well as young adults. Given the size and age range of this population, the success of this role is dependent upon the development of laity who will join this Director in ministering to the many needs. An area of growth for this role is the development of a youth and young adult mission program to teach the importance of service.

Oak Ridge United Methodist Church is located in a small town just north of Greensboro, North Carolina. The surrounding community and the church are both rapidly growing. ORUMC currently has just over 1,400 members with an average of 505 in worship on Sundays. The church is orthodox and evangelical in theology with a passion for outreach, missions, discipleship, fellowship, and worship. ORUMC opened a 28,000 square foot Family Life Center in November, with a goal of continuing to build a strong youth program in it along with other ministries.

Please refer to the job description linked at our website for a list of qualifications and responsibilities.  The online job application is linked to this site.

Please provide a resume and complete both application forms (available on the website) and send to Oak Ridge United Methodist Church, Attention Staff-Parish Relations Committee.

Mailing address: 2424 Oak Ridge Road, Oak Ridge NC 27310
Email address:
Fax number: 336-643-2065
Resumes and applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Pam Jordan
(336) 643-4690

December 01, 2014
Church, Administration, Other
Worship Director
Vertical Church
Part time
Hillsborough, NC US

Vertical Church is seeking out a passionate and energetic Worship Director to oversee and manage our contemporary and diverse worship experience. Preferably Strong vocal skills along with a proficiency with lead or acoustic guitar. Flexibility, diversity, and a teachable heart are essential.

Purpose of the Job:
•    The role of the Worship Director is to serve the serve the Lead Pastor alongside Production Director in overseeing and coordinating the worship ministry at Vertical Church. The Worship Director takes on the responsibility of guarding the spiritual culture and character of the worship ministry and its contract musicians (“Staff”), Vertical Dream Team and other people or groups as assigned by the Worship Director.

Experience and Knowledge Required:
•    Ability to handle multiple projects effectively.
•    Excellent verbal and interpersonal skills.
•    Proficiency in Word, Excel and Power Point.
•    Ability to learn and use Church Community Builder software.
•    Ability to learn and use Planning Center Online software.
•    Proficiency in voice and piano or guitar.
•    Ability to carry worship experience in a solo format if needed.
•    Ability to create, coordinate and lead a worship experience with a team.
•    Excellent verbal and interpersonal skills.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
•    Worship Leader of Vertical Church.
•    Lead and manage the Vertical Worship Ministry.
•    Oversee the coordination of Vertical Worship Team fellowships.
•    Oversee the scheduling of all singers, songs, musicians, and rehearsals.
•    Oversee the structures and systems of Vertical Worship.
•    Plan and implement Vertical Worship projects and department goals.
•    Recruit and Grow Vertical Worship Team
•    Display Vertical Values

Other Duties and Responsibilities:
•    Team Care
•    Conduct research at other churches regarding their approach to worship/music ministry.
•    All other duties as assigned.

•    Positive attitude
•    Heart of a servant
•    Fun/enjoyable
•    Loyal
•    Share the vision of Vertical Church to fulfill the Great Commission with integrity and passion.
•    High capacity multi-task individual comfortable working independently without constant supervision.
•    Strong written/oral communication and interpersonal skills.
•    Highly self-motivated and directed.
•    Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.

Extent of Public Contact:
•    Daily contact with members of Vertical Worship Ministry.
•    Weekly contact with Lead Pastor and Production Director.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
•    Provide direct leadership, discipleship and management to Worship Team Leaders.

Ryan Brooks
(919) 328-9293

November 26, 2014
Church, Ministry
Director of Youth Ministry
Highland Presbyterian Church
Full time
Fayetteville, North Carolina United States

The Office for Youth Ministry of Highland Presbyterian Church has an opening for a full-time Director of Youth Ministry Services. This opening is to fill a vacant position.
Highland Presbyterian Church has been serving the people of Fayetteville, NC and Fort Bragg for more than 100 years.  An established church with ministry outreach to the surrounding communities and the triangle; we are looking for a strong leader to plan and lead the next generation of our church.
The Director is to be a person of strong faith and a deep love for Jesus Christ and His church.  This person is to be supportive of the Senior Minister’s vision and should have a knowledgeable understanding of the various ministries of the church and see the value of a team approach to all aspects of ministry.  This person will be responsible for the overall Youth Ministry Program to include Youth Sunday School and Youth Fellowship on Sunday evenings as well as midweek Bible studies and activities.  The Director of Youth Ministries will be a part of a larger team that seeks to incorporate various aspects of the total church ministry in a purposeful and missional way.  A love of people, a caring nature, a positive outlook, and the ability to motivate others is essential.

1.    Have general oversight of ministry to Middle and High School Youth.
2.    Develop, train and equip a team of Youth Leaders who will join in planning and leading youth ministry.
3.    Use of the recreation center in church programming.
4.    Provide leadership in worship services on occasion.
5.    Along with the Director of Program and Mission Outreach, Director of Music Ministries, and other staff as needed, coordinate youth activities with the total ministry of the church.
6.    Plan with Youth Committee the annual Youth Sunday, Graduation Sunday, fundraisers, mission trips, retreats, summer camp experiences, etc.

7.    Participate in staff meetings and staff retreats in goal-setting process.

8.    Develop contact system to reach youth and families of all ages.

9.    Oversee Sunday School – curriculum selection, teachers, recruitment, overall support, etc.

10.    Research curriculum and resource the Youth Ministry Team.

11.    Help guide youth in their faith journey.

12.    As outreach attends extracurricular activities of youth.
1.      Primary:
a.    Willingness and ability to support the mission of Highland Presbyterian Church.
b.    The desire to use talents and gifts to further the youth ministry of HPC in the community.
c.    Be of good standing within home church and have an established faith in Jesus Christ.
d.    Possess a heart for youth, young adults and families.
2.      Education:
a.       Bachelor’s Degree with emphasis in religion, communications, or management.  
Seminary experience or M. Div preferred.
3.      Experience:
a.    3- 5 years general ministry experience.
b.    Demonstrated successful leadership/management experience to include staff supervision, program management and budget management.
c.    Knowledge and experience in retreat planning and hosting, event planning and leadership development for youth.
d.    Experience in leading committees, volunteers and leadership teams.
4.      Other Elements:
a.       Excellent communications skills.
b.      Proficiency in Microsoft Office including Microsoft Office, Publisher, Photoshop, and website maintenance.
c.       Success in utilizing social networking such as Facebook and Instagram for ministry purposes.
e.       Ability to work on weekends and some evenings.  Ability to attend all retreats, lock-ins, camps, and mission trips with the youth.
 Competitive salary and excellent benefits. To apply for this job, please email your resume and cover letter along with references.

Ernie Johnson
(910) 485-2147

November 24, 2014
Church, Ministry
Director of Missional Discipleship (Apex Campus)
Apex UMC Family of Faith Communities
Full time
Apex, North Carolina United States

The Apex UMC Family of Faith Communities is seeking a Missional Discipleship Director to serve full-time as a member of our Apex UMC team. The Director of Missional Discipleship is responsible for recruiting and developing leaders, connecting and developing relationships with missional partners in our community, and helping persons in the Apex faith community grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. This person will work with the Apex Pastor and Pastor of Missional Discipleship to generate and align initiatives consistent with the church’s mission to invite and equip all to follow Jesus in transforming the world. Applications for this position will be reviewed upon receipt with interviews beginning the week of January 12th. The application period will remain open until the job is filled. Target start date is March 1, 2015. If interested, please send a cover letter and resume to with subject “Apex UMC Missional Discipleship.”

Tim Catlett
(919) 362-7807

November 20, 2014
Ministry, Non-Church
Campus Minister - Northeast Navigators
The Navigators
Full time
Boston, Massachusetts USA

The Navigators® is an international, interdenominational Christian ministry that helps people grow Christ who in turn will help others.  Having begun in 1933, the Navigators are currently in over 100 nations.  Navigators minister on college campuses, on military installations, among business & professionals, and among the urban poor.

The Northeast Collegiate Navigators seeks qualified candidates to join our regional staff team to reach students on secular campuses in New York and New England.

The Northeast hosts over 500 colleges and universities campuses.  Of the 1.8 million college students, it is estimated that less than 4% are committed followers of Jesus Christ. Countless opportunities abound for evangelism, discipleship and missions. Currently, the Northeast Navigators serve on 20 campuses and seek to expand their ministry reach.

Immediate openings at:

• University of Maine—Orono
• University of Vermont
• University of Massachusetts— Amherst
• Cornell University
• Dartmouth College
• Boston University
• New York University
• Yale University

Full-time, part-time, and bi-vocational positions are available commensurate with experience and willingness to raise financial support.

Mr. Craig Parker
(603) 359-1776

November 14, 2014
Church, Ministry, Education
Director of Children's Ministries
East Lake United Methodist Church
Full time
Palm Harbor, Florida United States

East Lake United Methodist Church, a Christ-centered congregation, worshipping 350 weekly in Palm Harbor, Florida, is looking for an energetic and creative full-time Director of Children’s Ministries.  Building on a current core group of about 40 active children, the position will be responsible for leading and expanding a program that inspires discipleship for children, commitment and trust with parents, and dedicated involvement for volunteers. The director will lead ELUMC’s efforts to create a nurturing and welcoming faith community where families can build relationships with other families; children may explore and develop a relationship with Christ, and participate fully in a Spirit-led, mission-oriented church. The children’s ministry program serves children from birth through fifth grade.
The successful candidate will have a college degree and 3 years experience, or significant experience in children’s ministry leadership, as well as a strong personal faith consistent with the United Methodist tradition.  Resumes can be sent via email. All inquiries can be directed to Missy Carfield of Ministry Architects (941) 544-7648.

Missy Carfield
(727) 984-9250

November 10, 2014
Church, Ministry
Minister to Students
St. Matthews Baptist Church
Full time
Louisville, Kentucky United States

The Minister to Students is responsible for a full range of dynamic spiritual, social, emotional, and developmental programming that will enhance the Christian walk of students in Middle School, High School, and College. Qualifications include a Masters of Divinity or an equivalent degree from an accredited institution, experience and knowledge of student ministry, and the ability to coordinate and work well with volunteers and families. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, coordinating weekly Sunday School and Bible Study programs, planning missions experience and retreats for students, family and student counseling, community outreach, planning special events, and maintaining fiscal responsibility in regards to the budget. The Minister to Students is also responsible for performing other assigned duties in conjunction with other staff members. If interested, please submit a resume and three professional references to Emily Thompson.

Emily Thompson

November 07, 2014
Church, Ministry, Education
Director of Adult Ministry
Advent UMC
Full time
Simpsonville, South Carolina USA

Advent United Methodist Church, a vibrant church in Simpsonville, SC with a membership of 1800 is seeking a full time Director of Adult Ministry.  This individual will be an inspiring and engaging leader who is responsible for overseeing programming, assimilation, and discipleship for Adults of all ages.  Responsibilities include teacher recruitment and training, curriculum development, and oversight of Sunday School and small groups. This individual will work with the Adult Ministry Committee to promote a culture of learning, service, worship and fellowship. The position requires a four year degree with UMC theological training preferred.  The candidate must have prior experience in adult discipleship or Christian education.  This person must be a good communicator, team player and one who has a passion for helping adults grow in their faith.  Please submit resume and salary requirements via email.

Jane Smith